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Fantasy Baseball - How is my H2H team? Where can I improve it?

C - Suzuki

1B - Fielder

2B - Hill

SS - Tulowitzki

3B - Zimmerman

OF - Pence, Manny Ramirez, Garrett Jones

Util - Ian Stewart (2B/3B), BJ Upton (OF)

Bench - Hawpe, Alexei Ramirez (SS)

SP - Wainwright, Kuroda, Josh Johnson, Scherzer, CJ Wilson, Happ, Niemann, Shields

RP - Street, Rivera, Papelbon, Valverde, Marmol

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    That is actually a really good team all you need to improve is possibly your catcher and try improving your starting pitching as well

    Overall a solid team

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    How many teams in the league? If this is a 12-team league, it's pretty good. I like your infield batters, catcher is your only weakness there but Suzuki is an underrated player. Outfield is alright, Jones is a big risk-reward player, as of right now, his only real upside comes with his power. As for your pitching, which of them are starters and which are on the bench? Your relievers are very good. Starters are decent, Wainwright & Johnson are superb pitchers. Shields is a solid guy as well. Other than those three, you're on the weaker side. Scherzer has potential although he doesn't have a very high ceiling. Niemann flew under the radar last season, he should have a decent year. I highly doubt Happ will have numbers anywhere near his rookie season, and Kuroda is a big risk as a starter right now.

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