Indoor tanning... lotion?

I just started tanning about 2x a week and use Freak lotion. It is pretty basic, no bells and whistles. I am tanning to get a decent color and base before I go to the Cararbian in June. I was wondering who recommends what lotion to speed up the process? I hear anything with a bit of bronzer should help speed things up, but I do not want to turn orange or have streaks/patches if I change positions in the bed.

Also, I am fair skinned and burn moderately. I am only starting at about 8-9 minutes.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Sally Beauty Supply has a nice selection of indoor tanning lotions.

  • 1 decade ago

    Honestly bronzers are like self-tanners. Any lotion with a bronzer will tinit your skin along with whatever tan you achieve. Which is why it appears to "speed up the process". Although there's not reeally enough in them to make you orange looking, as long as you apply it evenly. Just use any lotion that's hydrating for your skin. Dry skin doesn't tan as well as hydrated skin, whilch is why lotion is reccomended. If you really want to try something new, and you're not afraid fo a burning feeling, try something with tingle power. It will make you look and feel burnt for an hour or two but it helps a little more than regular lotion.

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    try a indoor tanning lotion that has like a self built up. What I use is just a cheap brand from Walmart and it gives a shimmer, it's pretty much like a bronzer, and I always liked it.

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