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Holocaust Memorial Museum!?

My husband and I are traveling from Ontario, Canada down to Washington D.C next week to check out the Holocaust Memorial Museum. Is this the museum where you get a name of a person in the Holocaust and you find out about their life, and by the end of the museum you find out whether they survived or not?

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    That's the place! Very interesting and informative. Be prepared to spend at least 3-4 + hours there. I was happy I took the time to tour this great museum! Wear comfortable shoes, and be prepared to learn a lot they don't teach you in schools! Have a happy, safe trip!

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    This is a great museum! Very informative and moving. It's a very emotional place so be prepared to see a lot of different reactions from people.

    The only thing you have wrong is that the identity book you receive in the beginning has the entire story of the person. You can read it at your leisure, so you may wait to the end to find out if they survived or read it on the elevator ride up!

    Happy Travels!

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    Yes, they do that at the Holocaust Museum.

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