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Can somebody with a HINT about team sports explain what "LeBron hasn't won anything" mean?

Why do so many fans, analysts and sports-people miss the ENTIRE point of team sports? I know that there will be a main leader on any team, but when will people understand the fact that you team mates are as important as you are?

I am not angry at people for believing anything, but can SOMEBODY explain what "LeBron hasn't won anything" mean?


I mean for winning a championship... why do people forget your team mates' contribution is as important? I don't think anybody will win it all by himself.

Update 2:

JM you nailed it.

Update 3:

Michael, great answer as always. But Recently Michael Jordan said that and I decided he is the main reason for fans to think basketball like a 1-on-1 sport.

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    It honestly makes NO sense at all. TEAMS not players win championships. It isn't 1 on 1 basketball out their it is 5 on 5 and it is a simple concept really. No matter how great a player is if he doesn't have the right type of team around him or enough help, he won't win. What I don't get is how they get on Carter for not having a ring when the man was never even on a team good enough to even make the finals. What is he suppose to do?

    The quote about LeBron hasn't won a ring is ruibbish because like I said, it is 5 on 5 NBA structured basketball not 1 on 1 tournaments.

    To end, here is my story about why players shouldn't be discredited for not having a ring

    First off a superstar doesn't always have it going, and the superstars that have their role players step up and make plays when need usually are winners. Many great players that they say are better because of rings were fortunate to have great role players.

    EX) Kobe in the 2009 semi finals game 7 had a very poor game and I think he failed to reach 20. (One of those times where other players are needed) and Gasol stepped in with 21pts and like 18 rebs with Odom chipping in too. People don't look at the little things like that, but here I am pointing out everything for them.

    EX) In 2008 semi finals, Duncan was poor the entire series and averaged 15ppg and was outplayed by chandler and West. But players like Manu and Parker took the burden off him by stepping up.

    Players like Dirk or LeBron have carried their teams and when they go down, their role players go down with them and don't make the big plays that Duncan or Kobe's teammates have done in the past. They just go down with them.

    2 weeks ago

    Kobe needed Fisher to make that big shot against Orlando last year in game 4. Kobe needed Ariza to make those key shots when he wasn't making them.

    Its the exact reason I don't rate players higher because of rings, but IMPACT. Because TEAMS win rings and the superstar that has the role players that will make the plays when they are down and can't do it will win.

    EDIT: Now if Duncan and Kobe didn't have role players that stepped up and did those things, and they as a result end up losing, does that make them chokers all the sudden? Thats why their "choker" system is soooo flawed.

    LBJ should not be condemned for it, no player should. It is a team sport, not tennis or bowling.


    EDIT with more: Plus for a team to win championships, things just happen, it is the NBA.


    * 2007: The suns were giving the Spurs all they can handle and because Horry trucked Nash and caused Amare and Diaw to leave the bench and get suspended for game 5, the Spurs won the game as a result. People can speculate all they want but no one except God knows if the Suns would have won that series without that. Easily a situation that could have had Nash with 1 ring and Duncan with 3.

    * Role players like Horry have made big shots in crucial situations on the Spurs team and Lakers team and in the Kings vs Lakers game 6 Horry saved the Lakers season with a late three at the buzzer. If that doesn't go in and they lose that would be one less ring for Shaq and Kobe.

    * Hakeem and his team took advantage of the Bulls not having MJ during the time he retired for a brief stint. Say MJ plays and Bulls beat the Rockets and Hakeem may not have 2 rings at all.

    Things happen and it can change the outcome of a career quickly. I can bring many more examples but you see my point. No player should be discredited for not winning a ring especially in a team sport.

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    It's a go-to statement that analysts use to basically say that because Lebron hasn't won a title he isn't great individually. They also use it to downplay the success of the Cavaliers. The funny thing about that is, whenever someone says "hey why hasn't Lebron won a title?" The comeback is always "well he never had a great team". So basically first they state that Lebron has to win a title for the Cavaliers, but then blame the lack of a title on his teammates. Well, according to them, his teammates aren't important if *he* has to win them a title. Oh I see, it's only their fault if they don't win.

    They're full of crap. First of all I'm not a great believer in the idea that titles necessarily make a player great. Besides like you said it's not just Lebron who wants a title, the CAVALIERS want a title. Analysts on ESPN etc. forget that their are many important players that are major parts to that team or any team.

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    It is basically a way for fans or whoever to knock Lebron down from being the best in the game today and possibly be the best ever,

    But with Lebron not winning anything like some people say he is still considered the best in the game by most and the best ever by some then it is a pretty good position to be.

    But like i said people saying that is a way to knock Lebron down a little despite his remarkable years.

    When all players like Bird, Johnson, Kobe and Lebron to name a few come into the league in the same situation then I might agree with the statement about not winning anything but Lebron did not come into a playoff team like Kobe or even Magic Johnson did, Lebron did not have another dominant player like Magic had Jabbar or Kobe had Shaq. I believe if the Cavs were a regular playoff team before Lebron got there and lets say they had Howard on that team then you are talking about at least 2 or 3 championship right now but like I said Lebron did not come into the same situation that Kobe or Johnson came into. This is probably one of the reason why It took Jordan a little time to win a championship because his path was similar to Lebron.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Lebron haters say that he is not that great but on the other hand they say the cavs would be nothing without him if that is true doesn't this make him so much greater?

    Bottom line: Lakers without kobe = 3 rd or 4th seed

    Cavs without lebron = 7th or 8th seed

    Lebron is a much better team player than kobe while having the weaker of the two starting 5

    Kobe has got 90% of his success from his first 3 rings with shaq leading that team all the way

    Yes kobe is a great player but throughout his career has relied to much on his centers to help carry the team while lebron has pretty much done it on his own.

    Lebron has accomplished a lot more with so much less he is even on a pace to break every everyone of kobes scoring records(youngest player to score a certain amount of points)

    Haters are just in denial and can't stand the fact that someone eventually is going to be better than kobe and will deny it until kobe retires

    Why must they bring up the past and talk about kobes 4 rings when it has nothing to do with how good a player is. Like the old saying goes "your only as good as your weakest link" teams win championships not individual players.

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  • 4 years ago

    Auburn was cheated out of one in Football in 2004. But the AU swimming program has won many National Championships in my lifetime. I've been alive over 15 years (since March 1995), they've won 9 National Titles in that sport. My Boston Celtics won the Big One in 2008 and was 5 points from doing it again this year (over the Lakers AGAIN). I'm on the same boat as you on the Jets, but they seem to be getting alot closer. The Braves won the World Series in 19995, but since I never cared about sports until I got into AU football in 2003 and grew from there, and since 1995 was the year I was frakin born, I didn't get to celebrate the Braves' glorious triumph. All of my sports teams are generally good, and I am not a bandwagoner. Honestly, I started liking these teams when I was a little kid for non-game-related reasons (Except AU, who I geniunely loved), only to find out just how good they are. Like, the only reason I started out liking the Celtics was because of the beautiful Garden Court they have. Then I discovered they are the most prestigious team in NBA History. I predict all of my teams: Auburn Football, Boston Celtics, Atlanta Braves, and New York Jets will ALL win a Championship in my lifetime. The Braves and Jets may have just 1 or hopefully more, while I fully anticipate AU being King of the Hill 3+ times.

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    Le Bron James has won so far many things.

    MVP title

    Scoring tile

    Rookie of the year

    He won these titles while he had tough competiton from players like Kobe , Wade ,Dirk , Melo , Durant , Garnette , Duncan, Howard , CP3 , Nash , Staudamare and many other great players .

    He is statistically the best in the league , the most productive the most efficient and the best all around player in the league.

    Championships are won by teams . Not players .

    If the NBA had created a 1 vs 1 championship and players had to face each other in 1 vs 1 then James would have won like 4 titles so far because nobody can stop him .

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    lebron plays the team player but its just an act, he says the right thing , and he tries to do the things people want. he doesnt want the critisism of being a ball hog like kobe got for example (i disagree with that nothin wrong with popin off 30,40,80, and winning championships). he is so infatuated with launching his lebron brand he really doesnt give a **** about any thing else.he knows if he has haters it will hurt his brand, well hes got them anyway because alot of us can see how fake his attitude is and and how big his head has gotten. he has alot of talent, but is spoiled rotten, thinks only of himself, has too big of an ego, and will never win anything until he relizes he cant win without totall commitment from not only himself but having trust in the guys around him. and the guys around him are not bad players, and he does not make them better in the way he and some people believe he does. if when lebron plays for and with the cavs and not on the lebrons then maybe hell get a ring, untill then hes just a good talented player who THINKS hes a leader. a leader isnt neccecaraly the best player on the team, lebron doesnt understand that, hed see different if he had a guy like billups or garnett on his team, and mabee hed relize what a locker real leader or field general is if he had a guy like that on his team

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  • It's something that the fair-weather bandwagon fans of teams that have won championships recently like to say whenever they start to lose an arguement.

    The reason they target LeBron for that instead of any other player, is because LeBron is leading the NBA in scoring, and the Cavs have the best record in the NBA. That's why.

    It's called jealousy, or "sour grapes", if you like.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Everybody understands the aspects of winning as a team, but he is superior. Without Lebron there is no Cavs, that's why he's easily MVP.

    He has not won any Championships, he's still in the early years of his career but he needs to win soon and win multiple ones to be mentioned amongst the best of the best.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I hear you man, they act like the team name is the Cleveland LeBron's instead of the Cleveland Cavaliers. LeBron needs those guys to be on their A game too in order to get to the big show.

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