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can you see THC on marijuana?

I was just wondering if the colored specs on weed are the THC or is that just the color of the plant? How do you know if some weed is stronger than others by looking at it?

As you probably guessed I have never smoked it before but I would like to know.

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    weed is a complex plant there are many factors that show its strength.

    the clear, frosty looking crystals that cover it are a great sign (the more the better)

    you can't actually "see THC", but u can see qualities in the herb that shows there is a lot there.

    THC is tetra-hydra-cannibanoid (think thats spelled right), and its a molecule, so way smaller than what we can see.

    Just look for somethin with crystals on it, not dry, strong smell, and just "healthy" looking. All weed has THC, the better stuff just has more.

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    Thc Crystals

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    On really good bud you can see crystals they are the THC if the weed has a lot of crystals on it and has a bit of a shine it's some really good bud. Hairs on the bud are also a good sign but they don't really contain the THC. Glands excrete THC crystals on to every part of the bud tho. The nugs should be dense but fluffy, and if there are other colors other than green like purples, blues, reds, yellows it's also a good sign too. Brown is never a good sign if the weed is brown turn it down. Smell is also a good indicator if it smells really dank, like dull pine or fragrant skunk also if you get any kind of fruit like smell but this can be faked. If it sticks to your fingers it's also a really good sign. If you put some really crystalline weed under a microscope the crystals will look like small mushrooms (little stalks and heads) this is the THC. The greatest test of the weed is that first hit tho.

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    Crystals and hairs contain THC, not all THC though. Check for Density, Hairs and crystals. Smell is a nice judge too for taste 50 or so dollars an eigth for the good, dont go above 80

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    Weed Crystals

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    if you look closely on the marijuana bud you'll see small crystals..well those crystals that are on there is made up of nothing but THC

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    If you smoke enough of it you can.

    Hope that helps!

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    Botany, lol

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