laundry washer suddenly stops in between spin and water fill? had to push the lid down or put weight?

if i put weight on the lid cover, then it starts again.

what's wrong and any tips?

laundry machine is top loader

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  • T C
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    1 decade ago
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    It may be a loose lid/safety switch.

    Located ……usually on the back left side is a hole …when you close the lid there is a small piece {usually plastic} attached to the lid that enters the hole and pushes down on the switch enabling the machine to run….if the lid switch is loose, the plastic piece will not cause the switch to make contact.

    If you pry (using a flat screwdriver or putty knife ) open the top part of the machine {WITH THE MACHINE UNPLUGGED} you should have access to the lid switch.

    There are two clips on either side at the front where you pry open.

    This info is based on the American models …it may or may not be the same for yours.......

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