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sport pilot question?

I have a relative who is a private pilot but hasn't flown in years. He is wanting to start flying again, and it makes sense to look at a sport pilot certificate for medical reasons. He is ok with the no denied or revoked medicals rule, and is in good enough health to fly safely.

My question is can someone who has a private revert to flying under the sport pilot rules, or would a medical be required because of the private certificate.

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    If he wants to fly as a sport pilot he would have to surrender his private pilot certificate and apply for a sport pilot certificate. I don't know what is involved in that, but probably at least an endorsement from an instructor saying he has received ground training on the limitations of a SPL and a flight review. The catch with the sport certificate is if you are a private pilot or higher and you fail a medical exam, you cannot then apply for a light sport license. The smart thing if he is unsure about the medical issues, don't mess around and just get the LS certificate. You will find the answer at the FAA website on sport certificates here or in this PDF guide: or call the local FSDO, or contact

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    I have limited knowledge as far as sport pilot certification goes, but I would contact your local FSDO in order to be sure of the process of turning a PPL into a sport pilot certificate.

    However, if he has a current third class medical, I don't see why he should pursue this route. As long as his license is in card form now (paper certificates have been replaced), and he does a flight review with an instructor, his PPL is still valid-it never expires. Also, he would be completely qualified to fly any sport aircraft without having to go through the process of changing his certificate, which I would imagine requiring demonstrating current knowledge anyway.

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    He would not get SP certificate; he would keep his Private. Without a current medical, he can fly within the SP limitations. He will, of course, have to get a current flight review.

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    All he needs is a valid drivers license to fly Sport Category... his private entitles him no new certificate needed. He does need to meet currency requirements! (Flight Review etc.)

    Easy to do and as long as he has not been turned down for a medical he is in good shape for sport class flying.

    add - here is a specific link for you

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