Lotto 649! Question about playing?

I wanted to know, to win, do your numbers need to be in the same line? Say I have a ticket, and have 5 matching numbers that are scattered about (5 different numbers) is that a winning ticket?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The winning lotto numbers must be in the same line, a minimum three, a maximum six. If your numbers are scattered and you have not at least three numbers together you did not win anything right now, but remember if you will match at least three numbers in a row you will win the very small prize. There are some principles how to do it. Learn about before you buy a ticket.

    Good Luck.

    Source(s): Lotto Expert
  • John W
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    1 decade ago

    Of course, otherwise you could cover all combinations with just 9 lines and everyone who spent $9 would've won the jackpot (mind you they probably only allow 5 lines per ticket). Each line is essentially a separate ticket.

    This falls into the category of too good to be true. If you think you've figured out a 100% guaranteed way of winning the lottery then you've made a mistake.

  • 1 decade ago

    yes you do

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