Question to Eternal Realm?

Actually, I have many questions, but this is the most urgent one. Why do you care about getting a PhD in philosophy? What do you care about the tests and awards devised by academics? Why not devise your own tests?

This is my most urgent question because it seems to me the most glaring inconsistency in your thinking. Another is your regret of not being born in 1844. This is inconsistent with amor fati. But then again, amor is a psychosis, isn't it...

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    1 decade ago
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    Most tend to care about rewards tests and such because if they do well then they feel good. and it is a sign in our society that you are successful if you do well. but in my opinion a PhD in philosophy does not make a philosopher in the true sense but only in name. A philosopher is a lover of wisdom if you dont love wisdom and i dont mean love loosely but in a strict sense then you are no philosopher no matter what a piece of paper says. Philosophers do not need PhDs and a PhD does not make you a philosopher. what you mentioned above tests and awards have no real value if you mean these in the academic sense. now why not devise our own? well who judges well who is wise who is not? what good is a test devised by a fool?

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    Recognized public certification ( $$$$?)

  • 1 decade ago

    Who are you talking to?

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