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Help, my hp computer does not fully start, and freezes in the blue screen. Windows Vista. Any ideas?


I just noticed that my HP Media desktop pc, with Windows Vista, won't start fully. It goes to the blue screen showing hp invent, V5.18, ESC = Boot Menu, F10 = Setup, and F11 = System Recovery. The monitor only shows this screen, and does not continue from this point onwards. At this point, my keyboard does not work. Any ideas? Thank you.

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    It seems like you have a memory issue or a fan issue.

    What is the code that you getting from the Blue Screen (of death)?

    This will deter what the exact issue is.

    Once this has been determined you will be able to remove the memory and then try to boot up.

    Hope this helps.

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    next time, purchase a Mac. they have not got all those problems, and that they are very low maintenance. Vista has an excellent form of problems, and it probable has something to do which incorporate your drivers. living house windows has been widespread to grant the blue show screen blunders. the two that or look forward to living house windows 7. I pay attention that is think to be lots extra advantageous working gadget. inspite of the undeniable fact that, i in my opinion doubt it.

  • i had same issue but i couldnt get my comp fixed , and a comp shop wanted to change my like $100 just to look at it and find exactly the issues .. but option i found was get a (linux) ubuntu OS disk (free) .. install it ... after it was fixed re-install which operating system u want .. just your boot up will ask in the begining ... windows is really garbage i think i hardly ever use it now ... open source is the way to go

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