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are these symptoms worth going to the doctor for?

i have a really bad stomach pain, its not a stomach ach .. but a pain that hurts alot and when i touch my stomach i feel really nasious.

my mouth is very dry and my throat is scratchy

im tired and a bit shaky


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    Go to the Dr or the emergency room. You could have appendicitis. My son had it when he was about 8 and he had a bad stomach ache that hurt when he pushed in then let go. He couldn't put his feet flat on the floor and was walking around on his tip-toes. He was nauseous too. The dry mouth and scratchy throat I don't know about.

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    It's possible.

    If the stomach pain is on the lower right side of your abdomen then yeah, you should probably go to a doctor or maybe an emergency room. Those are all symptoms of appendicitis. It's when your appendix gets inflamed and bursts inside of you. It's life threatening.

    But if it's not in the lower right side then it's probably a stomach virus, get a plastic bag to puke in and lay down in your bed. Get some rest and drink lots of water. If you feel 'shaky' for more than 24 hours then go to a doctor.

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