How do you get Xbox games to play in an Xbox 360!?

I bought an Xbox and just am wondering how to get an xbox game to work on it...any help apreciated thanks!


I have an I can't play any normal xbox games on it?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    First, your 360 must have a hard drive to play old Xbox games. You cannot use a memory card. I saw someone said it does not work with the arcade console - this is not true. You just need to buy a hard drive. That's what I did - bought a refurbished 20gb drive and a month (or two) of Xbox Live Gold for $20 from Microsoft.

    Second, there are some Xbox games that are not compatible with the 360, but the multiple updates make more games compatible. If you have a high speed internet connection, sign up for a free silver membership and let the 360 download and install updates (it will pop up automatically when there is an update available).

    If you have a hard drive, have the updates, and still can't play a certain Xbox game, then it is not compatible at this time.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You put the game in the disc drive, Unless you have an X box 360 arcade then you cannot play Regular X-box Games! But otherwise if you just put the Game in it should work just like any other game.

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    Well, you could try getting an internet connection on your x-box if you haven't already and update to the latest version. Some games just don't work for some reason. Also you can try not looking like a f.a.g . Seriously, what's with that hair? Is it cool or something? You look like you have special needs

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    If it's on the list of compatible games then all you need to do is put in the Xbox360 and play.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Make sure its plugged in, press power, insert disc. voila!

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