Pro's & Con's of legalizing Marijuana in Canada?

Straight forward. Pro's/Con's of legalizing the #1 cash crop in the world. Marijuana (Weed).

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    (1) Large numbers of otherwise well-behaved and law-abiding citizens end up with criminal records with marijuana being criminal.

    (2) Legalizing it means we can regulate it, and ensure that it is produced and used safely. (By contrast to being grown in tenant basements, causing significant mould and health hazards, and being cut with who-knows-what other chemicals, and being used in whatever contexts people think they can get away with.)

    (3) Legalizing it means that we can tax it. (I say tax it and spend the revenues on a "Don't smoke dope" campaign...but that's just me.)

    (4) Saves a boatload of red tape surrounding medical use marijuana.

    (5) Means that people who want to smoke marijuana don't have to buy from criminals who will likely push harder drugs.

    (6) Means that the revenues of marijuana sales will go to legitimate retail businesses and farmers, and subsequently remain in the legal market economy, rather than going to criminals who will use the money to further other criminal enterprises.


    (1) Marijuana use will likely rise. (The degree to which it will rise is arguable, and the degree to which this rise will simply supplant other drug use such as alcohol and tobacco is likewise arguable.) People who are high are unproductive (while high) and potentially pose safety risks if they operate motor vehicles, etc.

    (2) With current technology, it is impossible to test for current intoxication by marijuana. This makes it difficult to effectively regulate, particularly vis-a-vis operation of motor vehicles, etc.

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    4 years ago

    Pros: -people wouldn't get imprisioned and have a criminal record for only smoking marijuana. -legal system wouldn't be as tied up dealing with people for cases save taxpayers $ -prision system wouldn't be as full, save taxpayers $ Cons: -enourage use of marijuana Pros of legalizing marijuana: -taken out of the hands of crooks that deal it -government can make money taxing it -government can regulate (19+, same restrictions as smoking, ensures that marijuana is quality product) -creates a new source of economic wealth -encourages tourism Cons of legalizing marijuana: ???????????????? - seriously tobacco and alchahol are legal hope that helped

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    1 decade ago

    Do you really want that many American tourists? You seem to already hate the ones you get with an 18 drinking age, gambling, and nude dancing.

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