How do I delete songs from my iPhone?

Please be specific, as I can be technologically challenged. :)

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    1 decade ago
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    Go to itunes on your computer, right click the song you want to delete. I beleive its the 13 one down that says delete. Click it and then sinc your iphone and it will delete it off of there :)

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    directly from your iphone, if so, then when you see a song from the song menu, hold it and then s minus sign will show up, touch it then it will be deleted. on your computer, you can just uncheck it from the side of the song in the music library, or create a seperate folder, and only sync that folder

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    simply go to iTunes to your music library and find the song in the list and uncheck it. Then when you sync, the song will be removed from your Iphone


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    Drop it out of a window and get a Droid

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