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What type of tap shoes are best for beginners?

I am starting tap dancing, and I am trying to buy shoes, but there are so many styles out there, does anyone have experience and could tell me which type are the easiest to learn with? The main styles i am finding are mary janes with a bit of a heel, soft slipper like shoes and higher heeled with t-strap. Thanks

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    Hi :)

    really, the most conventional are pretty flat, not mary jane style. however, it is your choice.

    bloch and capezio both do good tap shoes, and from personal experience, i prefer bloch. you can get split sole or full sole tap shoes frm bloch- split sole are great for toe work and tricks, but for beginning i would go for the full sole as there is a lot more support in them.

    At the moment i am a big fan of Miller and Ben tap shoes, they are quite expensive but very robust and they have a great tone woth lots of control- not to mention you can get them in loads of different colours :D. K360s are also great, again lots of support and a great sound.

    to be honest, i would go for a a nice pair of bloch full soles- not very expensive, supportive, sturdy and overly a great beginners tap shoe. then, as you progress you can experiment with different styles and see where you go :)

    hope that helps, and enjoy the tapping!! x

    Source(s): I am part of the England Tap Team and own 4 different pairs of taps :D
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    Best Tap Shoes For Beginners

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    i might say which you may purchase a Capezio dance shoe with a tele tone faucet. tremendously for a beginner, you decide on a faucet which you would be able to pay attention and makes the main appropriate sound. It helps with self assurance etc. My first faucet class years in the past whilst the Earth became into new, I had terrible faucets and that i presumed i became into terrible. seems I had undesirable shoes. do not scrimp on shoes. they seem to be a brilliant, if not the biggest component of tapping. have relaxing!!

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    um want ones with Bloch. that's what i have always used and they've been amazing.

    the type i have been using is Capezio I've used them for the past 3 years and they are amazing. you can go to a store and try them out to see if they fit.

    here is the link:

    good luck! :D

    Source(s): mee i tap!
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