How do we know if it's head injury or alcohol/drugs?

My aunt is staying with us right now. She has a problem with alcohol, and has a tendency to pop pills as well. We found her knocked out laying on the floor. (but it's not the first time she's fallen asleep in random places). She's having a really hard time walking and she's slurring her speech. My mother thinks she fell and hit her head, and her symptoms are a sign of a concussion. I think she's just messed up on something. My mom wants to bring her to the hospital, but my aunts being stubborn and combative. And she would just refuse medical attention if we called 911.

I don't know. Any tips on how to figure out if it's really a head injury or if it's just alcohol/possibly drugs?

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    1 decade ago
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    A decreasing mental status is the most important sign in a head injury. If she is responsive talk to her and if her mental status seems slurred and very slow to respond watch this to see if she deteriorates or gets better. If she stars to deteriorate than she has signs of aa head injury if she becomes more alert than it is drug or alcohol induced.

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