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Why are India and Pakistan rivals?

What were the reasons for their hatred and ririvalry. I know a little and would like to know more. Thank-you

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    Pakistan was part of India before 14th Aug 1947. The whole thing was ruled by the British. The Britishers while giving independence to India, partitioned India as India and Pakistan and two areas of India given as Pakistan (the present day Bangladesh was also part of Pakistan - it later in 1971, became a separate country) The partition days were not easy for both the people as the partition was forced on them by politics. Hindus travelled on foot from Pakistan areas migrating to India border while Muslims from northern part of India did the same migration towards Pakistan. There were rapes, murders and genocides on the way. People and their younger generations still live with those wounds of partition. The British were happy that they made a permanent rift between the two sets of people who lived as brothers. There would never be peace hence. The usual western way of politics! India at that time was making a union of all the princely states. Kashmir was ruled by a Hindu King but the population was majority Muslims. The then prime minister Nehru of India gave special status to that state and did not fully accede it to India. The result was a part of it was invaded by Pakistan ('freed' by Pakistani language - still called 'Pakistan occupied Kashmir' by Indians). This added fuel to fire and these two countries became permanent enemies. While India developed a lot in 60 years, Pakistan lived with this pain and hatred and never developed. Its politics is still in turmoil, ruled by different dictators from time to time, poor and under-developed, and the population mis-used by terrorists.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's due to mostly territorial disputes, especially regarding The Kashmir region.

  • molly
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    1 decade ago

    Religion that's what split them up in the first place.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think because of their different religions or something.

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