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Anonymous asked in TravelAfrica & Middle EastIsrael · 1 decade ago

israel. who commits more 'terrorism'?

israelis or palestinians

please give statistics


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Update 3:

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deir yassin

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UN bombings

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Israel has killed more, and not one dunam of Israeli land is being illegally occupied by Palestinians.

    Let's take the last Israeli operation, Cast Lead, "Israeli human rights group B'Tselem published its findings on the number of Palestinians and Israelis killed in Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip. According to B’Tselem’s research, Israeli security forces killed 1,387 Palestinians during the course of the three-week operation. Of these, 773 did not take part in the hostilities, including 320 minors and 109 women over the age of 18. Of those killed, 330 took part in the hostilities, and 248 were Palestinian police officers, most of whom were killed in aerial bombings of police stations on the first day of the operation. For 36 people, B’Tselem could not determine whether they participated in the hostilities or not.

    Palestinians killed 9 Israelis during the operation: 3 civilians and one member of the security forces by rockets fired into southern Israel, and 5 soldiers in the Gaza Strip. Another 4 soldiers were killed by friendly fire.

    B'Tselem’s figures, the result of months of meticulous investigation and cross-checks with numerous sources, sharply contradict those published by the Israeli military. Israel stated that 1,166 Palestinians were killed in the operation and that 60% of them were members of Hamas and other armed groups. According to the military, a total of 295 Palestinians who were “not involved” in the fighting were killed. As the military refused to provide B'Tselem its list of fatalities, a comparison of names was not possible. However, the blatant discrepancy between the numbers is intolerable. For example, the military claims that altogether 89 minors under the age of 16 died in the operation. However, B'Tselem visited homes and gathered death certificates, photos, and testimonies relating to all 252 children under 16, and has the details of 111 women over 16 killed.

    Behind the dry statistics lie shocking individual stories. Whole families were killed; parents saw their children shot before their very eyes; relatives watched their loved ones bleed to death; and entire neighborhoods were obliterated."

    Sounds like terrorism to me.

    @JD, some democracy, Israeli Arabs can not purchase nor lease 90% of their democratic land. They can not marry Palestinians and have their spouses come live with them. And of course, Palestinians have no say whatsoever in you governs their lives.

    @ curious1, your statement is false, Taliban is not fighting for Palestinians, al-Qaeda is not fighting for the Palestinians. Were terrorists in El Salvador fighting for the IRA or Basque separtists just because they were all Catholic?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    As a legal state with democratic rule who in the pursuit of security has to use force in self defense is in no way a terrorist.

    A rag tag refugee carrying a gun or firing rockets or throwing acid and rocks and mixing up explosives in their kitchens are terrorist.

    This should be plain to a child.

  • dandyl
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    To answer you, its the Palestinians, who's main ambition is to destroy Israel and all her citizens, by means of terror.Israel is not the terrorist and has never commited terrorist acts.

  • 1 decade ago

    It's nothing nice, but in a war... it's more about winning or dieing ...not who is more humane.

    First let's look at the resources/population of each side,

    If you mean in Israeli Jews, as the term was originally defined, then, approx. over 13 million - # of Arabs: approx. 350 to 422 million

    ratio is around 30 Arabs: 1 Jew

    Arab countries: 650 greater than Israel in size

    Average per capita GDP in Arab countries is $3,700 (including countries with the world's richest oil reserves)

    Average per capita GDP in Israel is $18,000

    Human cost of conflict estimates range from 51,000 fatalities (35,000 Arabs and 16,000 Jews) from 1950 to 2007, to 92,000 fatalities from 1945 to 1995.

    Without looking at any statistics...which side bombs themselves up more ? Arabs.

    Which side defends itself and have the world whine at them more? Israel.

    Which side has more deaths? Arabs.

    Winner? Israel.

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  • Mandan
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    Israelis do not "commit" terrorism, Palestinians have killed thousands of Israelis through terrorist acts, killing the innocent by car bombs belt bombs shootings killing with knives rifles mortar shells and missiles, thousand of innocent people butchered in the name of islam.

  • 1 decade ago

    hmm lets see worlwide.....

    bali, london, spain, russia, pakistan, iraq, usa, afghanistan, germany.....

    israelis? nope.

    oh yeah they were all muslims fighting for the palestinian cause.......

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    In order for israel to exist and remain in existance

    Zionists started WWI





    attack Lebanon 80's



    2006 Lebanon again

    2009 Gaza

    And also Iraq Afghstan and Iran through the US

    And dont forget all the murders that the mossad have done

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