Astrology: What is a T-Square?

I know that a T-Square involves 3 planets that oppose and square each other, but, how exactly does it play out in a chart? or in other words, how would the configuration feel like?

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    T-squares tend to be a dynamic aspect, combining both the good and the bad of the square and the opposition. I liken it to the effect of Mars, especially when found in cardinal signs. The T-square tends to indicate a building up of energy. The native feels an intense urge to act, but can be rash or impulsive in doing so. They may feel frustrated because results don't come as quickly as they desire. The opposition usually indicates the inner conflict that the native feels in relation to the matters that the configuration influences. While the planets in square indicate the way the native tries to handle the inner conflict and acts upon the world. They may also indicate the circumstances that the native is brought into that trigger the T-square.

    Cardinal T-squares feel a constant need to move, and attain some specific goal. This is the most vigorous T-square, in as much as the person feels restless, as though their time is being wasted if they are not attaining whatever it is they seek.

    Fixed T-squares tend to be very stubborn and inflexible. The need for action may become a need for control when fixed signs are involved in this aspect.

    Mutable T-squares tend to scatter their energies. They try to have so many things going on at one time that they tend to get nothing done. The main thing to be learned with this configuration is consistency.

    Source(s): 9yrs astrologer
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