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What is a jello shot?

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    Jello shots are alcohol infused jello. They are usually made in plastic shot glasses or small portion cups.

    Here is a recipe

    Make jello according to normal recipe only substitute cold water (you can use some cold water or none, depending upon how much alcohol you want in them) for alcohol.

    Refrigerate and have fun. :)

    Great types of alcohol to use


    Flavored vodka (just about any)


    Everclear (Watch out with this one!!!)

    Malibu Rum (any flavor)

    Flavored Rum (any)


    brandy (would be good in black cherry jello)

    Source(s): Far too many years of bartending!
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    Lol at 'jello'.

    Its vodka mixed with jello served in a shot glass!

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    Jello with alcohol.

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    a jello shot is basically a small cup of jello with alcohol in it.

    most likely vodka, rum, tequila, ect.

    heres a picture haha.

    hope i helped. :]

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    Bad Stuff

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