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Can you answer these hockey questions?

I like the playoffs no matter what teams are playing, but for those nights, where I could care less about the match up (there are 2 of them), I will be spending my time: Sleeping, trying to make a baby on birth control, drinking, restoring this old table that needs a million hours of sanding, and watching the New Season of the Deadliest Catch (I freaking love that show). So this leads me to a hockey and non-hockey related question:

Non-hockey related question: Other than the things that I have listed I will be doing with my spare time during this playoff season, what will you be doing?

Hockey Question: Looking at the match ups, I find that the Eastern Conference looks more exciting. Maybe, I am being a homer. Agree? Or should I sober up and realize that the Western Conference match ups are far more thrilling?

Real hockey question for my benefit: Do you think the Lightning will be more successful next year without Lawton and Tocchet?

Have a good one!


Rachael: Vacation…I forgot what those are like.

Slovakian Hossa: Drinking and trying to make babies on birth control go hand-in-hand. Maybe you don’t get the awful joke….or maybe…just maybe I should go back to the drawing board on that one.

Stevie: I agree.

LITY: Hello sweet cheeks. Tocchet and Lawton are gone.

CDN24: I’m a Northwestern fan. Love Sig….reminds me of my dad. Wizard is cursed…Here go out in the 100 MPH wind, and put up this tarp, lol.

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    I don't know nuthin' 'bout making no babies.

    HQ: For me LAK are the x-factor of the West...the Scuderi signing was brilliant on their part. Otherwise, SJ, CHI, and maybe Detroit. In the East, I think it comes down to who gets out of the first round...

    RHQ: Unless Tocchet had lost the room sacking him made no sense (I think you have to give him another year). Under his purview Stamkos won the damn Richard Trophy. I suppose they could re-hire Barry Melrose...that worked so great the first time. TB needs to stick with their plan, and not overspend on UFA's. What little I saw of Hedman was impressive. A year of offseason training and more adjustment to the North American game is all he needs.

    NHQ: Trying to go on vacation in 10 days' time (annual golf trip to Myrtle Beach) while hoping my dad doesn't go further downhill (my 85-year old Evel Kenievel wannabe father decided to stand on a chair to kill a fly and took a bad spill, landing on a tile floor head-first) and having to deal with having to put Killer (the greyound I've had for 8 years- it's from Doug Gilmour's nickname and pokes fun at her couch) down on Saturday...not exactly the best month so far.

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    Other than the table pretty much all of them.

    Deadliest catch is way up on that list, maybe ahead of practicing on the baby. I too love that show. I have friends who still do that, crab fishing- but not in Alaska, for a living. Gotta love the NW and Time bandit. I would not venture into a swimming pool on the Wizard, an accident waiting to happen.

    I like the eastern match-ups in that you get some chance at upsets, Ottawa and philly have legitimate shots. Mtl washington should feature some wide open hockey. It may just be that I watch more of the eastern teams so I am more familiar with them.

    RHQ, Yes- looks like the owner is going to make a clean sweep and it is needed if only to convince the players that the time for excuses is over.

    Have a good one yourself

    EDIT: yeah the tarp. The swimming pool line is my father's , a fisherman himself, after watching that episode. Compare that to the NW who put the tarp on before the weather got bad a few seasons ago.

  • 1) Hockey is lifge!

    2) The Eastern Conference is always more exciting, but this looks like a potentially good year for the west

    3) The team has continually improived under Tocchet, I would be surprised to see him removed......Lawton's days are numbered (but I can't say what I know)

    Edit - I spent the day travelling between Detroit and Montreal, so I read my email AFTER I answered the question. If this is how Vinik plans to run a team, I see more dismal years ahead for Tampa. Lawtom failed as a player and has failed as a GM. I fail to see how Tocchet has failed given that he improved the team year over year with a one line team and no defense! Ridiculous!

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    I'll be doing the usual stuff that needs to get done. I'm working on a trip to England and getting my degree in computers too.

    I'm looking forward to the WC playoffs because the East just doesn't seem to be as intense this time around.

    As for the Bolts, not right away, but they got over the first stumbling block by shedding Tocchet and Lawton. Not all ex-players make for good coaches and managers. See Gretzky.

    Uh, you and the hubbo could reduce the amount of sanding time by strapping a huge Scotchbrite pad to your back while you try to make a baby on said table.....

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    a million. would you pay $10 greater for a hockey value ticket in the journey that your seat had a tray that pulled out of the arm (like on airplanes), so as which you does no longer ought to consume nachos on your lap? A) No, yet i'd have spent an further 10 dollars to get some dates I had to close up. I as quickly as have been given taken care of to a Flyers/Rangers tilt and all I heard replaced into how stupid hockey replaced into and relationships, relationships, relationships. At one component I puzzled what it would be want to leap from the mezzanine we've been seated in on the Spectrum. 2. If the NHL initiated a mid-summer season 5- sport journey between the 4 worst communities in the previous NHL season, which could be sure 1st draft %. (and not the lottery), would you watch it? Do you think of which would be greater interesting than the All-Stars or relating to the comparable? ultimate thought ever, or i'm an fool and you want to pee in my beverage? A) per probability on the commencing up, yet i will settle for a Maple Leafs/Kings sport close to the tip of any usual season..... 3. there's a shaggy dog tale: what number emo young infants does it take to screw in a mild bulb? answer: F ‘em, enable them to cry at evening. What different shaggy dog tale reminds you of Crosby? Ohhh, ok heavily, have you ever each and every cried whilst enjoying any activity? A) No. i replaced right into a type of gamers that made warring parties cry. 4. A genie comes out of a lamp and informs you that he won't furnish you any desires. What a jerk. somewhat, on the 1st day of each and every NHL season, he will inform you what team will win the Stanley Cup that 3 hundred and sixty 5 days. the only circumstance…you're no longer allowed to gamble. would this ruin it for you? Is it like recording a sport, and the sorting out the score in the previous you watch it? A) Yeah, it would ruin it for me. i'd tell the genie to get lower back into the bottle, fart in it after he have been given in there, seal it up, and enable it ferment in the nice and cozy solar. Then we will see if he nonetheless desires to play that way..... 5. Your city is having a opposition and the winner get the final tickets to each sport of next season’s finals series which incorporate airfare and $10,000 in spending money. All you need to do to pass into is do something great for the community, it must be humorous or attractive, and you need to take a photograph of this deed. What do you do? A) i'd sweep the stairs of city corridor wearing a Crosby jersey. (uhh, i don't sense too good precise now.....) Have a magnificent day all of us!

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    Non-hockey related: Hmmm, for some reason the 20th of this month is circled in green sharpie on my calendar...

    Hockey Question: I think it just depends on what conference your team is in. I have a team in both conferences, but I think the West is more exciting. Yes the superstars of the East are pretty exciting but what about the superstar of the entire league (Henrik Sedin)!?!?! Just kidding. But I'll be watching as many playoff games as possible, both East and West.

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    Non hockey question: Being bored...going on vacation and thats basically it!!!

    Hockey question: I TOTALLY agree with you that the Eastern conference is waaayyy more exciting. Like all the good teams are on the Eastern Conference.

    Real hockey question: Sorry, I don't really know the Lightning very well...I like the Wild.

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    im a homer to the west.. I think LA and Van may end up being the most exciting series in the first round. I will watch the early games but for the most part will be more of a background then must see.

    This owner of TB hasnt inspired a lot of confedence from me. way to quick at axing people.

    Come on up and I'll take you all on ur own deadliest catch journey... making babies will on birth control is a lot better then what ill be doing, working both job and on a friends remodel...

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    non hockey: not a lot really i am a gimp and can only use one arm so my options are limited i cant do any of my favorite things no cooking no pool no video games etc.. i will be going out a lot more.. zoos, museums, flea markets anything i can find besides watching tv tho i just got all of penn and tellers bulls*** and that is super interesting

    HQ: im partial to the west coast comipition as a whole is better but there is something to be said for the superstars in the east

    RHQFYB: yes

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    Real hockey question - If the right people are brought in this team could improve.

    Some great talent on hand, potential is there with owner support.

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