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which is worse, bottled water or tap water?

since bottled water has chemicals in it from the plastic it's kept in... is it safer to just drink tap water? I don't want to get cancer.

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    the only thing i drink is tap water, you in Canada it is safe! be glad you got a country that has "clean" water!!!

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    You don't get cancer from drinking out of bottled water. You get cancer if you leave a bottle of water in a heated environment (like a car) for a few days and let the water get stagnant and then drink it. And then even in that case if you drank it once or twice you're not going to get cancer. That's if you do it as an everyday thing.

    The only thing coming out about water is that tap and bottled aren't that different. We pay out the ears for bottled water thinking it's much cleaner and purer, when in fact a good amount of bottled water is nothing but glorified tap water. (ex: Dasani is nothing more than NYC tap water sent through purifiers) and you can do this yourself by buying a Brita or a PUR water system and purifying your own.

    Tap water is very clean and it's cheap. I don't think either is "worse" it's just a matter of what you want to spend. Money on bottles? Or money on a filter to drink your own?

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    Generally, bottled water is just filtered tap water. So either way you're drinking tap water. But drinking it from the tap is much, much cheaper and doesn't produce huge amounts of plastic to be disposed of.

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    using plastic bottles water is dangerous to our body beacause plastics contain phthalates, synthetic chemicals which act as powerful estrogen mimics they will slowly build up in your system, causing you to experience sexual side effects.Such as...

    Erectile Dysfunction Issues

    Testicular Atrophy-Shrinking Testicles

    Gynecomastia or Development of Manboobs

    Other problems include infertility, obesity, reduced sex drive, impaired immune function, feminine weight distribution, decreased muscle mass, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

    for more information about this follow the link below:

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    one is as bad as the other......better stick to wine ;)

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