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I'm 17 and still in high school. Heres a summary of my life: I've always been a shy quiet girl with not many frinds. My best friend and i broke up this year and we've been on our own for the whole year. I havent been hanging out with her and two of my other friends in a while now, since we dont have the same schedule in school. Basically, my friends and i are drifting away from each other and i'm forced to finally talk with other people and come out of my shell. Of course, i'm still in the process of becoming who i'm beignning to change into and a lot of the time i feel like i still have 'awkward' moments with people and i still am not sure about myself. The thing is though, i have spoken to a lot more people this year and i'm finally beginning to feel like a human being, socializing with people and feeling accepted by others. This semester, i'm feeling very stressed because my grades arent very high and i have a class with a guy i've like LOVED for 4 years now, but have barely communicated with in the past. This semester, things are finally kind of beginning to happen. Yesterday though, we had an in-class assignment and i was in his group and once again i began getting that feeling of being scared i wont be accepted by him. I have this fear he'll break my heart especially since i've liked him for so many years and PLUS we failed that assignment. I'm just feeling so many things these days, i feel like i'm going to have a stress attack. I lost 5 pounds, and i came from 110 to 105. I cant sleep, think, concentrate. I just dont know what i'm doing and going to do. I'm SO stressed. I feel like my life is changing- in some ways for the better, but at the same time i have obstacles in my life like my bad grades. Please help me out here.

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    I think its an awesome choice and very brave. I moved out at 17 and joined the military. The best advice i can give you is to acknowledge the fact that it will be hard and scary. After that just do what you have to do to take care of yourself. If you have to make a little schedule of when to clean, wash clothes and pay bills, So you dont forget do it. When i moved out i wrote everything on a calendar. Also make sure all your bills etc are paid before you buy the things you want (but dont necessarily need). Also if you can pay your bills online, thats a big help or have them taken directly from your account, if you know you will have the money every month.Keep in touch with family, dont be scared to ask for help, make new friends that know the area. I think that's about it...Good luck to you.

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    Congratulations on moving out of your shell. A change of social life was probably one of the best things for you. Teen years through the 20s are a time of trying to find yourself, so it's probably natural to feel uneasy and insecure. That may be how your crush feels as well.

    Whatever you do, don't chase him. If he's interested in you, be patient and let him come to you regardless of the assignment situation. People are like sand, there are so many more grains on the beach if one guy is unavailable or disinterested.

    Change your thoughts; they take you up or down and define your destiny. Avoid negative influences.

    Keep busy to distract yourself and be good to yourself. Help hurting, struggling people. Learn new hobbies and skills. Enjoy beautiful scenery and something decent to laugh at.

    Life will always keep changing so learn to adapt, just as we adjust clothing when temperatures go up or down.

    Start and keep a continuous relationship with God, who gives peace, wisdom, strength, confidence, power to get through life challenges. And you'll be prepared to spend eternity with Him, when life is over. It's not religion, but a relationship through Jesus Christ. If you put Him first, He'll give you the desires of your heart if you ask. You can begin the connection by praying the following, if you don't have a personal walk with Him:

    "Dear Lord Jesus, come into my heart. Forgive me of my sin. Wash me and cleanse me. Jesus, thank You that You died for me so I would have eternal life. I believe that You are the Son of God who rose from the dead and that You’re coming back again for me. I'll live for You and serve You. Fill me with Your peace and help me not to worry about anything. Thank you, Lord for saving me and helping me face the future.. Amen."

    If you meant what you prayed, welcome to God's family! Stay connected by talking to the Lord everyday, and follow an easy-to-read Bible daily, starting with St. John. Think about what's true, good, pure, praiseworthy. Make friends at a local Bible-teaching church and tell others how Jesus is making a difference in your life. Check the sources below.

    Source(s): (begins @ page 5) From (New International Reader's Version): Acts 3:19; Romans 5:8;10:9-10; Isaiah 26:3; Proverbs 37:4; Philippians 4:6-8; James 1:5; Isaiah 40:29; 2 Timothy 1:7; 2 Peter 1:4
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    I know what you mean. Lose your friends and it's like what to do now. No one else is going to like you. Well that happened to me and I did what you did and I made the best friends ever! I have never felt better than with the friends I have now! That is wha will happen to you! Also just try a little harder and bring them up as much as you can. You can only do so much you know. Do what you can do and try to make that better and your grades should improve. Also don't lose sleep and stop eating because then you can't get better because your running on noting!

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    Hun, that is just part of life. Even the most popular kids in school who seem to be socially great have "awkward feelings and insecurities" And even adult women who have had many relationships still feel awkward around guys/men they like. It never goes away. It's a hormonal time for you and HS is difficult but you seem like you understand that you are in the "process of becoming" who you are. Things get easier, experience helps to deal with social situations but I won't lie... everyone feels awkward sometimes.

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    well that's kind of obvious...go out and exercise or something it's been proven to help reduce stress (which is what you need to fix first), so once you reduce your stress so then you can get some sleep to help you concentrate, and eat a bigger breakfast, that'll help you concentrate, but just focus on getting back your sleep for now probably. also... don't worry about the whole social part, just keep telling jokes, and remember to smile ... cause i've also learned it's worrying about the problem, not the problem, that causes stress and all that junk. worrying about it doesn't help, you just need to remember to pounce when you see your chance and to keep your head, common sense isn't so common you know.

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