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Is canada a puppet state of the u.s.?

Does canada depend on the u.s. for economic support.Can canada survive without the u.s.?

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    Canada and the United States have a major trade relationship, and there is no question that Canada benefits from proximity with the worlds largest market. The diplomatic relationship has been complicated - it has been described as 'like making love to a porcupine'.

    It's worth noting that Canada is a major supplier of natural resources, including oil, to the US. Canada supplies more oil to the US than any other country and is also the top overall energy supplier. As such, the relationship may be described as interdependence, or mutually beneficial.

    While US policy has a major effect on Canadian policy, it would be inaccurate to describe Canada as a 'puppet state'. A recent example of a major split on policy is the refusal of Canada to participate in the invasion of Iraq despite great pressure from the US, and even more recently Canada's decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan in 2011 despite repeated requests from the US to keep troops there.

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    Canada could survive very well without the U.S. They are co dependent. and besides Canada is liked throughout the world, not like the U.S. who is feared, not liked!

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  • Anonymous
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    Yes they are our b**ches to the north. We can pretty much punk them out whenever.

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