I need a vote S or R?

I was in a long term relationship, it ended. I started dating this guy last summer, and at the time i thought it was just going to be a rebound (I'll label him R for rebound), but it was so much fun. I'm not sure if it was just the summer heat, or being treated like crap for so long by my ex, but this new guy R got me all smitten. We have been on again off again now for 10 months. I was his girlfriend officially for sometime, but we had to end things because some of some family issues... R has come back into my life now. Im finishing up my degree in the next few months and I'm looking for something serious, but see there is this other guy, who i met and is smitten with me (lets call him S for sweetheart). I only started dating him because i thought me and my rebound were finished. S is probably the most genuwine, kind hearted person i have ever met. he calls when he says he will, he is good looking (which isn't the most important thing), my family totally approves. But i don't feel as passionate about S as i do with R. I'm falling for both these guys, but for opposite reasons. I cannot keep seeing both of them (I'm not sleeping with either...because I believe in saving yourself for marriage). i know i have to figure this one out on my own, but I need some advice. S is supported by friends, and family, but R makes me excited, when i get to talk to him and when he says he misses me, i get this feeling all over me. HELP, please.

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    1 decade ago
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    because u may never know when R can leave u again

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