My keyboard doesn’t work properly?

If anybody has/had a problem like this and knows the answer can you please help me? Here’s the situation:

My keyboard doesn’t work but it’s not the actual keyboard. I know that it is not the keyboard because I have switched keyboards and the same problem occurs. It’s not that it does not work it’s just that you have to press letters more than once just to get them to work which forces me to type slowly. And it only happens on the internet, not on word documents. Please help me, it is very frustrating.

Also, if you know the answer to this as well, sometimes this thing pops up and it is a little box and it asks me if I want to debug and it says a problem has occurred and stuff like that and I usually just press no and it keeps popping up but then after I press ‘no’ a million times it goes away. Anybody know how to get rid of that? Thank-you (:

(ps This does not occur on my laptop, only on my home computer)

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    You may be tripping over an accessibility option. Try this:

    With Windows XP:

    1. Click the Start->Control Panel menu item.

    2. Click Accessibility Options.

    3. In the Accessibility Options dialog box, again click Accessibility Options.

    4. If Use FilterKeys is checked, UNcheck it.

    5. OK out of everything.

    With Windows Vista:

    1. Click the Start->Control Panel menu item.

    2. Click Ease of Access.

    3. Under Ease of Access Center, click Change How Your Keyboard Works.

    4. If Turn On FilterKeys is checked, UNcheck it.

    5. Click Apply or Save.

    Hope that helps.

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    Sounds like your computer is overworked. There are a few things to try.

    #1 - Run a scanner like malwarebytes and make sure you don't have spyware slowing you down.

    #2 - You may need more Ram Memory - try closing all background windows if you can't afford more

    #3 - Try using a browser that is less of a memory hog. Perhaps Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer.

    Good luck

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