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what is the difference between Bachelor of science and Bachelor of sicence(applied human nutrition)?

after this i wanna be enrole into Medicine ( plastic surgery)

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    A Bachelor of Science degree can be in any subject that is classed as a "science". It could be in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Maths, Zoology, or even some quasi sciences like Economics.

    20 different people with Bachelor of Science degrees could each have studied totally different subjects.

    A Bachelor of Science (Applied Human Nutrition) will have studied 'applied human nutrition". 20 different people with this qualification will all have studied 'applied human nutrition".

    One university could offer a course in applied human nutrition, and call it simply a Bachelor of Science degree, whilst another one could call it a Bachelor of Science (Applied Human Nutrition) degree. There is only one way to answer your question about which suits you the best and that is to enquire off the respective universities exactly what their courses entail.

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