Whare can I have my lower value Coins professionally graded?

I have many lower value coins that need to be graded. I know their are professional services that grade coins for 15$ or 20$ a coin, but I need a cheaper service geared to lower value coins. Example: 1929 canadian penny has a list price value of $.25 to $5.00. In this example I wouldn't want to pay 15$ to have the coin graded, although I would like to have it graded to see where it falls in that scale of value. Having my collection professionally graded gives it more validity and a value that I can use to insure it or sell items out of it.

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    You will never recoup the extra value added for grading low value coins. I can buy MS-64 PCGS graded wheat cents for around $10-$15 each and even lower. It cost more than that to have them graded. I hate to say it but people are getting lazy and hope to make a buck, well I have news for them they won't unless they learn to grade coins. To do well one has to know more about the coins one collects than the dealers. Of course you do not let them know you do. That way I get some very rare die varieties for common prices. I do not want you to get turned off to coin collecting when a 1929 Canadian cent you had graded and it cost $10-$20 to grade it and a dealer offers you a $1 for it if it grades good to almost uncirculated. The coin had a mintage of 12,159,840 so it is not rare. If the coin is nice and red and in mint state such as MS-63 they you would get $30-$40 for it from a dealer. You must learn to grade at least the circulated coins and know when one is in mint state. Hope this helps.

    Source(s): 50 years a numismatist,Coins of Canada by Haxby, Coin World Canadian Trends.
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