What are some interesting things about Japan? :3?

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What are some interesting things about Japan ?

Heyy :]

I have a project.. it's due tomorrow.. and counts for 100 % of my report card's ''Language Arts'' Category. I need to make a persuasive oral presentation about '' Why _____*Favorite country,food,book,music,etc* is the best''. I've chose to write about Japan Vacations.

Some things I already know about is ;;

-They have so many different styles, it's awesome.

-Manga // Anime. ''Nuff said.

-What goes on in Harajuku .

-Their amusement (They're amusing. :] )

I'd normally know EXACTLY what to write of Japan,, but my brain won't think hard. -.- I need help !! *lol I'm a bit tired, that's all. ;P*

Any other things I can add to the list ? The More the better ,, and the more descriptive , the even better ;D

Arigato n_n !!


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    A can of Coca-Cola costs more than one dollar US from a vending machine.

    Japanese people, in general, can't drive very well.

    Restaurants in Japan (including many fast-food places) give you moist towels or wipes before or with your meal.

    At many businesses in Japan, they offer alcohol to the employees after six pm.

    It is usually mandatory to give a landlord a gift of money of $1,000-$2000 when moving into his apartment building.

    On Respect for the Aged Day, tobacco companies will hand out free cigarettes to the elderly outside of train stations and department stores.

    The Japanese love corn, sesame seeds, and mayonnaise on their pizza.

    There are no 24 hour ATMs in Japan (closed on holidays and many only open during normal bank hours).

    Many Japanese teachers think that Japanese parents are lazy.

    The green traffic light is called "blue".

    Slurp your soup.

    Newspaper editors make their headlines so as to not attract attention.

    KFC is the place to be on Christmas Day.

    Japan has about 1,500 earthquakes each year.

    In the Japanese language, it is considered rude to say the word "no" directly.

    It is nearly impossible to become a naturalized citizen of Japan.

    You can smoke just about anywhere.

    Japanese people take a hot bath every night, some do not have showers installed in their bathrooms.

    There is no insulation in Japanese homes' walls.

    Japan has roughly 200 volcanoes.

    It is considered rude to show signs of affection toward a loved one in public.

    When you go to a funeral or a wedding you must take a gift of money.

    Three words: "heated toilet seats".

    In Japan, flower arranging is an art.

    The new generation of Japanese people are not as short as Westerners think.

    You can buy batteries, beer, wine, condoms, cigarettes, comic books, hot dogs, light bulbs, and used women's underwear from vending machines.

    Many Japanese people eat rice with or for their breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Never stick your chopsticks upright in your rice. This is an old Japanese custom and is what is done when food is offered to the dead. When it is not an offering it is considered to be a very ill omen.

    In Japan you will find cars by the names of "It's", "Let's", "Sunny", "Perky", "Gloria", "Move", "Toppo", "Lepo" and "Dump".

    McDonalds employees will run outside to give you your drive-thru order.

    The Japanese visit shrines and give eachother money for New Year's.

    It is impolite to tear the wrapping paper off of a gift.

    Japanese junior high school students do not need to pass any of their classes to graduate. Education only through junior high school is compulsory.

    Young women will hand you toilet paper outside of train stations.

    There is almost no vandalism in Japan.

    Gas station attendants will bow as the car pulls out of the station.

    It is socially acceptable to pick your nose in public and urinate at the side of the road, but you cannot blow your nose in public.

    Approximately 85% of Japanese people have never tasted turkey.

    Japan is about the size of California and has half the population of the entire United States.

    Snowmen in Japan are made of two large snowballs instead of three.

    It will always take one to two hours for a pizza to be delivered.

    There is at least one vending machine on every corner.

    All you ever wanted to know about the world's largest phallus festival can be found here.

    It is not uncommon to pay $2 for a single apple.

    The sun is red in Japan and the country itself is referred to by Japanese people as "the land of the rising sun"

    Here! If you google, "Interesting facts about Japan," then alot of sites come up with some cool facts!

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    i have visited twice and mt. fuji is definitely a big piece of japan. basically talk about the islands of japan, how everything is set in districts. bullet trains are another cool thing that they have in japan. the toilets are pretty much holes in the grounds. sakura is going on right now in japan which is the blossoming of the cherry blossoms. this is probably the most looked forward to thing in japan because people go and have hanami parties which are basically friends coming together to eat in the parks and view the beautiful cherry blossoms. oh and part of the reason their fashion is so awesomely crazy is because they usually have really strict uniforms so on the weekends they go all out and drive crazy. hope this helps:)

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    Japan takes its anime more seriously than other countries!

    and its valentine days is also taken more seriously...

    like there's **** chocolate, chocolate you give to your loved ones, Tomo chocolate, chocolate for your friends, and Giri Chocolate, obligation chocolate (you give to like coworkers or friends you talk to like 1 every few days) and on March 14, its white day for japan! white day is when the person who gave you chocolate, u HAV to give them a present back! (Ex: on valentine day, your friend gives you $1, u hav to give him 3x as much, so u hav to give him $3 worth of something or $3)

    (if you want more, email me!)

    Source(s): Anime of course!
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    101 volcanoes

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    They have GREAT food and a good electronic industry and apparently good hospitality. Thats all I know

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    small people

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