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What should I ask for on my birthday?

It's my birthday in 19 days.

I'm turning 13.

I would like a lip piercing. At my school, nobody has one, and I think they look nice, stand out. I'm not really like anyone else at my school anyways and people respect me for that.

If my mother says no, what do you think I should ask for?


My style? Well..

I wear jeans and white sneakers. My top will vary but I usually wear a colored, black or white one with a graphic design on it lie swirls and lines. I only wear tops from Warehouse One, it's my favorite store. And I always wear a black or blue sweater and silver jewellery. (:

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    A lip piercing? might be a bit young.

    How about ears pierced twice or something.................Or nose piercing?

    Well it depends on what is your style?

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    get chocolate

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