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What does this excerpt from "Macbeth" mean in modern English?

" Duncan: No more that Thane of Cawdor shall deceive/ Our bosoms interest"

Paraphrase and clarification. Thank you!



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    I found this translation on No Fear Shakespeare (


    The thane of Cawdor will never again betray me. "

    They have translated "bosom interest" as "me". The Taylor and Smith Interlinear edition has "bosom interest"= "confidence". (Betray my confidence). I think that's a better translation.

    Deceive= betray

    bosom= close, affectionate, intimate

    our= my (the royal we)

    Source(s): MacBeth. No Fear Shakespeare. Shakespeare's MacBeth. Taylor, George and Reed Smith. 1936
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    Sparknotes Macbeth Translation

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