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Can someone recommend a good cat food for my cat?

Wet food only.And no junk food like iams or Purina or whiskers


If you read the ingredients you will see its junk

Update 2:

Purina is junk and I prefer not to feed it to my cat

Update 3:

Innova looks good

Update 4:

Thanks L-G-DUB-YA It's an L! Ill look at all those suggestions as well.He isnt a picky eater at all as long as it wont eat him he eats it.I am a little nervous of feeding my cat raw my dogs I do but im not as worried because they can produce there own taurine

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    Your cat is the decider. Your opinion or that of others really doesn't matter, since if he doesn't agree, he won't eat.

    But you don't define "junk". Cats have a short digestive system, so they need the enzymes contained in certain organ meats and meat parts to help them digest their food. We don't normally eat those animal parts, so they can be classified as "meat by-products". Yes, low quality food can contain useless by products, so in some ways you get what you pay for. Things like lung, stomach and intestines are rich in enzymes, but they are not normally on our plates at dinner.

    People think grains would never be eaten by a cat. Well, think again. A mouse stomach will be filled with grains, and that is one of the really 'yummy' parts a cat will eat. And corn is a very digestible source of proteins and amino acids for your cat, but you don't want corn or grains as the first ingredient.

    So look for meat and meat by-products as the first several ingredients, but remember your cat has to agree.

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    Some foods that are very popular at my house (and no by-products in them) are Wellness (the regular chicken, not the Core), Natural Balance (Ultra or Chicken and liver), any chicken Merrick, Blue Buffalo Healthy Selects (the only thing my elderly tiger cat will eat right now), Blue Buffalo Wilderness, and Weruva. Also fed is Innova's EVO.

    And raw meat does in fact contain taurine - it's the cooking process that destroys it, so a cat on a proper raw diet won't have a taurine deficiency.

    Source(s): many years of cat rescue (and feeding a mostly-canned, premium diet)
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    Since they are kittens you have to be careful about their diet till they are a year old. some foods may be too rich. The best way to tell if a food is good for your pet is know about the labels. The first thing on the label is what the main ingredient is in the food. I do not think Science diet is very good since its main ingredient is corn in the dry. I do not know about the wet. I do think that you should also put out dry food for you fur babies. I used to use both. I gave mine a little wet and left the dry out in case they wanted to snack and it also helps keep their teeth clean. A lot of pet food was on the recall list so I have been sort of scared to advice anyone on a certain brand. Natural nutro was one of them at the first and I would certainly not give that to them. Innova Evo is very rich food. The dry is very high in protein and any time you give your pet this type of food they will really smell up the house if you know what I mean. And you have to watch if you change food. Give them the new food slowly with the old and not all at once or they may get the runs from the change.

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    ANY kind of cat or dog food you will buy is going to contain by-product meat, you can look at the ingredients of almost any type of cat or dog food and it will list by-product meat as a main ingredient. By-product meat can and has included euthanized animals, diseased animals, and various parts that are unfit for human consumption. Cat food usually also contains a high amount of corn fructose syrup, which could cause problems in the future such as diabetes. I recommend if you have time to make your own cat food, consisting of chicken breast, whole grain rice, and fresh veggies. This would be ideal for your cats, if you research holistic vet care it can give you more information on a healthier diet for your cat.

    IF you don't have time to do this, go to a health food store and buy holistic cat food, the majority of these do NOT contain by-products, and usually contain whole grains as well.

    --Actually, if you want to get into those types of nutrients, the best way for a cat to get these needed enzymes is through raw meat. This is what they ate in the wild, and the domesticated cat is not too far behind as far as the digestive system goes. The healthiest you are going to get IS holistic foods, by-products are NOT good for your pet, research it. For example there was a case where a vet clinic was selling it's euthanized animals to a pet food plant. There were traces of potassium chloride, a solution used to kill animals in the tissues and animals that ate the pet food became ill.

    Also there is NO regulations as far as what can and cannot be used in pet foods in states across the nation.

    --Also Science Diet contains by-products as well, if you go on their website they claim it is "better for the environment" and that is why they use them.

    Source(s): Did research paper on holistic vet care in college, focusing on diet.
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    You want to look for foods that DO NOT include the following ingredients: by products, corn, wheat gluten or gluten of any kind, rice, salt, sugar, a bunch of preservatives. There may be some I have forgotten. If possible, NO fruits and veggies of any kind as they aren't beneficial whatsoever to a carnivore. Fruits and veggies are beneficial to omnivores/herbivores.

    Some brand names are Evo, Wellness, Blue Buffalo, AvoDerm Select Cuts, Halo.

    I feed my cats ground up raw food with meats including turkey, chicken, quail, duck, beef and deer. It's the whole carcass ground up including muscle meat, organs, bone and blood. This is the best diet for them as cats are obligate carnivores.

    If you have a picky eater, you have to have more determination than them. To say that your cat doesn't like food that's good for him so you'll feed low quality food is lazy as hell and shows that you allow an animal to outlast and overcome you, a human. If a human baby won't eat vegetables and will only eat candy and junk food, do you still give the baby what they want as long as they're eating?

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    You might like to look into Nature's Variety - they offer raw, but also a high quality canned foods. Other brands that I have happily fed my cats (after standing around the pet store reading a lot of labels) include Blue Buffalo, Natural Balance, Eagle Pack, Wellness, Innova, and California Naturals.

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    Halo Pet Food Company

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    There is a new pet food maker called "Dave's Naturally Healthy" that all six of mine love.

    This small company is based out of Boston.If our small neighborhood pet store sells this food then the brand is good.Laura will not sell the grocery store brands of pet food.

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    Science Diet. IMHOP IAMS is not junk food. I had my lab on it for about 20 of her 22 yrs.

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    Jiffy Cat?

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