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My guess is that the vast majority of atheists on here who continue to go on about evolution and science?

actually know very little about science other than what they cut and paste off the internet. The same might be said about Christians and the bible, but I digress.

Prove to me that evolution is a fact without cutting and pasting from the internet or giving me weblinks.

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    > "My guess is that the vast majority of atheists on here who continue to go on about evolution and science actually know very little about science other than what they cut and paste off the internet."

    Well - I'm an atheist AND a professional biological scientist. What about me?

    > "The same might be said about Christians and the bible, but I digress."

    Possibly. I cannot comment.

    > "Prove to me that evolution is a fact without cutting and pasting from the internet or giving me weblinks."

    Well - the reason most people give weblinks is so they can demonstrate that the statements they make are genuine, rather than things they have made-up themselves, and so you can be sent to read-up the actual evidence they know about.

    But i'll give it a bash:

    The important thing is to separate Evolution as a Process from Evolution by Natural Selection.

    Evolution as a process is incontrovertible; evolution by natural selection is an (extremely well-supported) theory.

    "Evolution", in a biological context, simply means that a population of organisms change in their characteristics over time and successive generations; that's all. We see this all the time, both in nature and in the lab: the recent emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacterial "superbugs" is an example of evolution; the emergence of pesticide-resistance in mosquitoes; Industrial Melanism of the Peppered Moth; the new 'flu strain every year-or-so; rapid observed evolution of the Italian Wall Lizard when introduced to previously-uncolonised Mediterranean islands; observed speciation of laboratory strains of Drosophila fruitflies; speciation of plants (such as the Evening Primrose) after hybridization/polyploidy events. All of these (and many, many more) are examples of evolution-in-action.

    Since we can SEE it, we know, therefore, that evolution occurs.

    Furthermore, we can see evidence of it having happened in the past - though fossils, comparative genetics, comparative biochemistry, comparative anatomy, and biogeography.

    The question then obviously arises - "So how does this evolution occur? What is the mechanism behind the changes?" And that is the question which Darwin answered when he proposed his Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection.

    This theory fits all current data, and it is parsimonious, predictive, and falsifiable. It is therefore a valid scientific theory.

    As a theory, it can NEVER be proved to be true (no scientific theories ever can be) - it can only be further investigated and refined, or (possibly) disproved. Of course, it has been investigated for over 150 years, and so far has yet to be disproved.

    But it is important to remember that ALL of science is "just a theory"; gravity as a force is a theory; the earth orbiting the sun is a theory; germs causing disease is a theory; electromagnetic radiation as composed of photons is a theory; matter composed of atoms is a theory. All of these are theories, but are well-supported by the evidence and make accurate predictions about the universe; and evolution by natural selection is no different.

    There: I have (I hope) shown that evolution-as-a-process in an uncontrovertible FACT.

    And I have also (I hope) shown that evolution-as-a-theory cannot be proved to be true, but that this is unimportant. What is important is that it is an excellent theory which fits all current data, and which gives an accurate description of what we observe.

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    I agree & I disagree.

    As one who regularly attacks evolution, I get fed up when people respond with weblinks - what do THEY think? what is THEIR opinion? have THEY thought through how unscientific the foundations of evolution is?

    Yes, sadly, many Christians don't know the Bible very well either!

    I write here as a person who is a Professional Geologist, an Evangelical Christian & a Creationist. I have thought through these issues from both a theological & a scientific perspective. I have come to the conclusion that, leaving the Bible aside, a critical look at Darwinistic evolution, can pull it apart. I cannot prove evolution is nonsense nor can I explain, scientifically, what should replace it. I do believe that scientists throughout the world, irrespective of their religious beliefs, should come together & offer a better alternative to Darwinism.

    Back in the 1960's, three highly respected French scientists who were also atheists (Andrée Tétry, Pierre Gavaudan & Pierre-Paul Grassé), made some extremely critical assessments of Darwinism, it's a shame that such opinions have been so conveniently forgotten about - see the first link.

    Some 15 months ago, I started a thread on the Yahoo UK message board attacking Darwinism. The comments that I have made that stretch over 5 parts are almost entirely my own independent opinion. If you would like to read those opinions, you may wish to click onto the second link shown below.

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    You're making an awful lot of assumptions. I am a Christian, and also majored in Evolution. They're not mutually exclusive, in fact when you really know what you're talking about they fit together quite nicely. But first you have to be open to learn what they both really say - too many people on both sides just make assumptions. I get equally angry at scientists who say you can't believe in both - they're just atheists who have anger toward organized religion. Evolution is not random or purposeless. Morality has been around longer than the bible - humans have always had cultural norms to help us measure what is "good" and "bad" (though those concepts obviously change over time). Even if you only believe in evolution, it certainly doesn't mean you have no reason to lead a moral life. I don't act morally because I'm afraid of the consequences, I act morally because it is the right thing to do for my fellow human beings. I highly recommend you study evolution in-depth. If you still want to argue against it, at least you'll have a strong argument. I'll get you started: Evolution doesn't deal with creation. That's microbiology. Evolution does not state anywhere that we came from monkeys. Evolution has a LOT of supporting evidence, and many evolutionary records (the eye, whales, etc.) are relatively complete. Evolution is used by believers and non-believers every day. For example - hybridization (beefalo, ligers, brocciflower), or simply breeding your animals for certain traits (prize-winning livestock, different dog breeds, etc.). This is all evolution. It's not scary, it's advantageous, and simply ensures that life will continue in a constantly changing world. That's all evolution is - a mechanism to adapt to changes. Life takes on different forms, and when a disaster occurs, many of those forms may die but with diversity, there's a greater chance that one or two will continue on. I think that's much more amazing than believing that God created a static universe that never changes.

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    "Prove to me that evolution is a fact without cutting and pasting from the internet or giving me weblinks."

    No. As I have said in the past, I'm not here to educate you. If you want to research it on your own then fine. Have at it. If you read something you disagree with then come back here and we can debate it. However if you aren't willing to do that then what is the point in me explaining anything to you since you probably won't listen anyway?

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    My copy of the origin of species is 318 pages long. lol. You're dreaming if you think I'm going to be able to PROVE to you evolution is fact in a few paragraphs. If you're interesting in figuring out what darwin's theory actually says, I'd suggest reading it.

    As for your first comment, I have to disagree emphatically. Because where as I, personally, have gotten a lot of information off of the internet, I always fact check and make certain my information is good and that I fully understand the topic I am learning about. And if there is something I do not totally understand or if it is unsubstantiated, I don't make an *** of myself by talking as if I knew what I meant.

    I would have to guess, but I'd say anyone with a scientific mind would fact-check the information they're gathering, esp. while on the internet.

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    Biological evolution is the observed change in the frequency of alleles in a population of organisms.

    It has been defined pretty much like this in most universities since at least the late 1930s.

    Changes in the frequency of alleles in populations were once observed by changes in anatomy, behaviour etc. Now they can be confirmed by the chemical analysis methods pioneered by Prof. Frederick Sanger's team in the late 1970s. This was the dideoxy chain termination method which was used in the recent elucidation of the human and more recently other genomes.

    Since changes in the frequency of alleles in populations can be observed and more recently detected by chemical analysis, biological evolution is a fact.

    Since it is a fact, it requires no proof.

    The original paper on dideoxy chain termination was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the USA (PNAS) in 1977. I have read it, and I might even have a photocopy somewhere.

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    People cut and paste scriptures from the bible or koran but that doesn't mean they don't know what they're pasting. It's just easier than writing out 10 minutes worth of scriptures that's already on a website. The same goes for people talking about Science or evolution. I don't paste anything that I don't know myself.

    All the same, I don't copy and paste things about evolution or science, as I am an agnostic atheist that doesn't know much about Science to begin with. So naturally, I won't go looking for things to paste if I don't know anything about it. I am not one of those "majority atheists" that continue to go on about evolution and science. Thanks.

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    Your observation is true.

    Vast majority of Christians have absolutely no idea about the Bible - they are here just because of Zeal and no knowledge. You pin point something that goes contrary to their beliefs, they will scream, shout, abuse and even reject the Bible.

    Not any less are Atheists! They will make tall claims that the labs world over are filled with proofs of evolution. Ask them a video clipping of evolution as it happens - they will say 1) you know nothing about science 2) It takes long periods for evolution to happen. 3) It is pretty expensive....

    If none has seen, or none are likely to see what proof anyone has of evolution?

    They will start comparing gravity to prove that evolution is a fact.

    Source(s): I am not a young earth creationist! But we need to call an "ass" an "ass"!
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    Your asking for proof of evolution without a weblink pretty much means that they must prove it to you without providing any evidence. That's very "Kent Hovind" of you to do. Think about your question again. You want proof, but no evidence? How is that even possible?

    There's a reason they provide weblinks for you - to provide supporting evidence instead of simply making wild and baseless claims.

    To prove to you that evolution is a fact would actually require several pages of typing and several hours, if not a few semester's worth of classes of study on your part. Thus, "proof" is an unreasonable request here.

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    Wow you keep trying to prove your ignorance!!

    The Pope, Catholic Church, Church of England and mainstream churches all accept the big bang and evolution!!

    Lord Carey the former Archbishop of Canterbury put it rather well – “Creationism is the fruit of a fundamentalist approach to scripture, ignoring scholarship and critical learning, and confusing different understandings of truth”!!

    I think the christian churches and atheists read your posts and agree that Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was entirely correct when he observed - "Nothing is worse than active ignorance"!!!

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