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Would I get a performance boost from adding an SSD drive if I only have sata 1.5gbs?

I have an old 754 socket mobo. It isn't sata 2. Only sata 1. Would I be best just keeping my sata 2 hard drive. or would an SSD add a boost? it's on sale for like 60bucks regular 100.

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  • Alex
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    Well, with SSD on any SATA will give you a performance boost, but to get the best result, I would save up and try and get a New Motherboard along with the SSD. Kingston has put out rather fast SSD cards out there.

    In short, yes, you would see a boost in performance. But with only the applications you have loaded on to the SSD IIRC

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    60 bucks for 100gb ssd? your going to be fooled my friend, its showen that basicly all cheaper ssd drives are really slow and dont work good at all, and they dont last very long either (1-2 years) get a NEW normal harddrive, like WD black, or samsung spinpoint f1-3 it will help alot, ssd's are really what you pay for you get, the cheaper the price, the suckier they are...

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  • Hi
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    1 decade ago

    It may not add much of a boost, but also may be worth the experiment. try to format with 512kb segments. Will create more usable space.

    Partition alignment is what i am talking about, check link below.

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