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names of FAMOUS vegetarian athletes.?

i need the names of VERY FAMOUS athletes who are vegetarian around the world.... but i want the main focus to be CANADIAN. thank u :)

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    Vegetarian athletes

    Ruth Heidrich, Three-Time Ironman

    Debbie Lawrence, 5k Record Holder

    Jim Kaat, Baseball Player

    Tony Larussa, Baseball Manager

    Hank Aaron, Baseball Player

    Bill Pearl, Bodybuilder

    Marv Levey, Buffalo Bills Coach

    Robert Parnish, Center (Bulls)

    Joe Namath, Football Player

    Lawrence Phillips, Football Player (49ers)

    Steve Bellamy, Founder of the Tennis Channel

    Surya Bonaly, French Figure Skater

    Brendan Brazier, Ironman Triathlete

    Sally Eastall, Marathon Runner

    Andreas Cahling, Mr. International Bodybuilder

    Carl Lewis, Olympic Track Star

    Edwin Moses, Olympic Champion

    Leroy Burrell, Olympic Champion

    Murray Rose, Olympic Swimmer

    Pat Reeves, Power Lifter

    Bill Manetti, Powerlifting Champion

    Ed Templeton, Pro Skateboarder

    Mike Manzoori, Pro Skateboarder

    Brian Anderson, Pro Skateboarder

    Jamie Thomas, Pro Skateboarder

    Forest Kirby, Pro Skateboarder

    Brian Sumner, Pro Skateboarder

    Andrew Reynolds, Pro Skateboarder

    Jen O’brien, Pro Skateboarder

    Matt Field, Pro Skateboarder

    Chris Lambert, Pro Skateboarder

    Brad Staba, Pro Skateboarder

    Geoff Rowley, Pro Skateboarder

    Rick Mc Crank, Pro Skateboarder

    Moses Itkonen, Pro Skateboarder

    Sergei Trudnowski, Pro Skateboarder

    Laban Pheidas, Proskater

    Steve Berra, Proskater

    Anastasia Ashley, Surfer

    Martina Navratilova, Tennis Player

    Bille Jean King, Tennis Champion

    Peter Burwash, Tennis Champion

    John Salley, Toronto Raptors

    Lucy Stephens, Tri-athlete

    Stan Price, World Record Bench Press

    Killer Kowalski, Wrestler

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    Carl Lewis was vegan. British athlete.

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