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Can I still go about destroying my ex girlfriend's career?

4 months ago, I discovered that my ex girlfriend had written some libelous statements about me online on Yahoo Answers.

The statements consisted of comments like this:

"John Smith is a jerk...John Smith is bald and ugly....I dated John Smith and he's a cheapskate"

She didn't accuse me of any serious crimes...she just basically told people online that I was a jerk to her...

Her real name is not on the Yahoo Answers even though I still have the Hard Copies ...I don't know if I can really PROVE that she wrote them...

Her friend confessed that she wrote the Answers and I have a written apology from my ex, promising to remove the content.

The libelous comments have now been ERASED from the internet (caches included)

But I really want to destroy my ex girlfirend's career as a teacher I still have a case against her to bring to the Ontario College of Teachers?

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    John Smith?

    Did your ex's name also happen to be Pocahontas?

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    1) 'John Smith is a jerk'

    That is her opinion, that isn't libel

    2) 'John Smith is bald and ugly'

    Again, her opinion, not libel.

    3) 'I dated John Smith and he's a cheapskate'

    Yet again, her opinion, not libel.

    You have no legal grounds to file a suit, even if you did, you have to prove that you were in fact 'damaged', not just annoyed, not got your feelings hurt, but actually damaged.

    How were you damaged? What damages can you show the court?

    Nope, sorry, you got nothing.

    If you intentionally try and harm her career, you may find that it is YOU that is at the defendants table in the courtroom.

  • Zach
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    No, you don't. Those could have been her personal opinion. You must show your reputation with your community, friends and family has been completely destroyed and you lost something financially as a result of what she said. These are not going to be present and your lawsuit would be considered frivilous and be dismissed.

    I'd also like to point you are repeating the opinions you claim to be libelous.

  • Anonymous
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    Did you know that John Smith is a really common name in America?

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    Those statements wouldn't even be considered legally libelous...they're her OPINION which she is free to state. Now, if you try to destroy her career, she WILL have a lawsuit against you.

  • Anonymous
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    How would anyone know it was you she was referring to? There are lots of John Smiths in the world.

  • I don't want to be rude but my personal opinion is to drop it and move on i understand it probably hurt you but this sounds like something a middle schooler would do

  • Dan H
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    Here's one for you that I won't erase. I promise.

    Your ex was correct in her assessment of your personality.

    You are going WAY overboard with your reaction to a few words from a once angry ex.

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    no the only proof is your own word its not enough you need hard evidence

    and yeah you are being a jerk

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    Those are her opinion's and not defamation of character.

    You can not do any thing but prove that her opinion's of you are correct.

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