Does Steam Send Me Mail or Call My Phone?

i want to get a game from steam online so my lil brother doesnt find out about it,when i buy a game from retail stores hes always annoying me if he can play it first, and he NEVER stops playing.

so i decided the most inconspicuous way to prevent him finding out about me getting a game was from downloading by steam.

problem is, does steam send confirmation mail or by phone about your purchase to you directly? cuz hes the type of kid who pokes his nose everywhere, one small slip and im screwed when he finds out.

in short, does steam leave you alone once u buy a game or do they call, send mail, or annoy you about anything after that? other than confirmation email that is..

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Steam will never contact you in any way, shape, or form. You will recieve 1 confirmation email when you setup your account and 1 reciept will be sent to your email whenever you buy a game. Other than that you will never be bothered by Steam.

    Source(s): Steam user since January 2005
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