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Nutritionist Advice.. Going back to school to study nutrition anybody gone through it already.?

I have been researching all the different options about becoming an nutritionist and i think what I'd really like to know is...

Is it essential to get a degree because I'm seeing these amazing courses that offer diploma's and certificates and they are a lot more affordable.

The Diploma course says that after i finish the course. I can become a registered or/an certified in the field that i want.

Its also correspondents. I will be studying for probably about 3.5 years.

The courses are recognized by the province as a private school and a number of other organizations.

Any Advice?

My goal will be to work for myself after i graduate.

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    Traditional colleges are typically being guided by the medical industry and funding comes from sources that can skew a good education in nutrition. Typical dietitians and nutritionist that graduate from these schools are not learning up to date nutritional information that works in the real world. They are pushing diets that are mainstream thought that has been proven time and again to lack good solid scientific results. Modern allopathic western medicine is failing miserably everywhere. The statistics show this and the direction being done and continuously proposed is to "TREAT THE SYMPTOMS" not the root causes of disease. The new Health Abuse Law that was just signed by Obama does nothing for prevention of cancer for instance. It is all directed toward finding ways to treat the symptoms. Cancer is the only disease that uses a 5 year survival rate as the definition of being CURED of a disease. The reason is that if you get early detection, the five years start early in the disease, so they can claim a cure. It's all politics, not real health solutions.

    Nutrition has been and continues to be the right solution for true healing. Result oriented methods are what you need to go after. Become educated on what is real and works. Nutritional Therapy has gone through many changes and is fast becoming a very viable way to approach illnesses, especially degenerative illnesses that medical science has failed miserably. There are schools you can attend that are excellent, but to choose the right one, you have to consider your background and education that you now have first.

    good luck to you

    Source(s): Certified Nutritional Therapist B.A. biology & chemistry QRA Practitioner, Author Advanced nutritional research
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    distinctive those all and sundry is a sprint loopy. Being vegan isn't undesirable, and you additionally could make it artwork. It drives me loopy whilst all and sundry is advise and judgmental in this internet site, all and sundry can stay their existence their very own way with their very own set o policies and values. i'm a vegetarian and a young person myself, yet you could truthfully get each and all the food which you prefer from a vegan nutrition plan. fairly in the journey that your mom is going to have you ever talk with a nutritionist. in my opinion, i'm almost vegan. i'm lactose illiberal and that i especially situations consume cheese or ice cream or some thing like that, notwithstanding that's no longer too complicated to get the food you prefer. I drink quite some soymilk and get distinctive protein from that and that i consume oatmeal on a daily basis for iron and what no longer. do no longer permit what human beings influence your determination. purely know that it will in all probability be a sprint complicated. Even now my friends shaggy dog tale approximately vegetarians and what no longer, yet its a existence-style determination and that i know that i'll in no way pass returned to ingesting meat returned.

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