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Which companies are good to invest stocks in?

I'm doing a project for school. We have 50,000 dollars in fake money to invest into companies. I need someway of checking each day to find out if I gained or earned money in the companies I invested in. Help?

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    ....just go to yahoo/finance..... where you see a box marked " quotes"...you enter the symbol of the company you bought stock in... if you don't know the symbol...use the " symbol look- up " function.

    if you are looking for companies or stocks ..just for the project...try BEXP ( Brigham Exploration Co ).... doing very nicely lately........ or see if you can invest in ETF's like UYM..( materials )...or EDC ( emerging markets )......they are ' leveraged" meaning they gain two or three times the daily percentage that the sector they are invested in..(.good for fake investing !!!)

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    Blue chip companies

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    finance.google.com will let you set up a stock tracking tool for free, you just need to list the stock and how many shares and the day you purchased and it will count everything for you.

    Source(s): finance.google.com
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