Do countries actually use their nuclear weapons?

Like all these countries are stockpiling massive amounts of nukes, but are they actually used or is there a situation where they would be used? Or are they just like saying to another country " IVE GOT MORE NUKES THAN YOU SO DON'T INVADE MEH!" Like after Hiroshima and Nagasaki would they still use them?

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    Countries such as the United States and Russia has rendered themselves immune to any other military on the planet (with the exception of each other). No-one is going to declare war against a nuclear armed nation. Other countries, such as China, France and the UK also posses nuclear weapons, but have nowhere near the numbers that the United States and Russia have. Still, even a handful of nuclear weapons is an effective deterrent against aggressive actions.

    Both the United States and Russia have early warning systems (which are prone to malfunction!), and missile subs, giving each nation the ability to launch in response to a nuclear attack from the other, as well as launch secondary attacks from their submarines. The ideal of MAD really does apply here, as each nation is aware that an attack on the other would be equally devastating for them. It really would not matter who launched first.

    Nuclear weapons are not an effective deterrent against small scale regional conflicts between non-nuclear armed states, as they rarely directly threaten the interests of a nuclear armed state. Even so, it is unlikely that a nuclear weapon would be used except in the most dire of circumstances.

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    I think that the situation with nukes is entirely different than Hiroshima and Nagasaki, because then, we were the only people who had nukes, now, if one country uses nukes, it risks other countries doing the same. So, it's not just the destructive power of one nuke, but how other countries with nukes will react.

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    its called Mutually Assured Destruction

    everyone knows they will be destroyed if they try to use their own nukes.

    They are a deterrent against invasion

    Their are a few nations that are suspect to their motives

    North Korea is very secretive and very hostile to American and South Korea, but as much as Kim Jong-Il may be a nut case I doubt he would actually attack America or her allies, I think he just wants to show his muscle as a deterrent against Invasion

    The same goes for Ahmadinejad in Iran, who may be working on making nukes but doesnt have them yet

    Israel on the other hand is not flexing their muscles, they hide their stockpiles, and use them not as a deterrent but as a last resort revenge weapon

    the rest of the nuclear nations are working on decreasing their stockpiles and making peace treaties to avoid hostilities since the end of the cold war

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    Other than a few tests every once in a while, usually against some treaty, no. North Korea was the last to set off some nukes in underground testing.

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    So far, the U.S. is the only coutry to ever use Nukes. It's mainly a defensive show to prevent from invasion. If a country has many nukes, then nobody is going to mess with them.

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    Think about it like this.

    If you know some jerk is going to throw a rock at you, your gonna wanna have rocks to throw back at him when he throws them first yeah?

    So you wanna make sure that your rocks can fly faster and hurt MORE than his rocks.

    Its all about preparation... when the **** hits the fan your gonna be thankful we are stockpiling nukes instead of stockpiling flowers and hugs, because theyr not gonna save you from radiation poisoning

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    sure. the reason human beings do no longer us them now's using fact each and all of the enormous powers have them. on the time basically the U. S. had them and no person ought to truly retaliate. relax certain the Soviets might have used them on the Germans or vice versa if that they had the capacity. the U. S. in basic terms occurred to be the 1st u . s . a . to advance nukes. the U. S. additionally seen using nukes against China to end the Korean conflict yet finally desperate to no longer using fact of achieveable political fallout. the united kingdom and France have been fearful that the Soviets might invade Western Europe if the U. S. used atomic bombs interior the Korean conflict. have been it no longer for the Soviet Union you will possibly have the capacity to function some chinese language cities to the checklist alongside Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Now they seem to be a deterrent using fact the chilly conflict proved.

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    Yes I can see instances where they would still be used but during the cold war the watchword was 'mutually assured destruction'. It's a rather successful deterrent to someone else using them if they know you'll swap them one for one. You have a good day now

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    well they dont use them by they may need them, a country cant appear defenseless or they can get taken over, they need them to say, if u try to be cheap and drop a nuke on us, then we will drop a nuke on u

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    could be used to stop a bunch of cockroaches streaming in from the south

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