Beginner learning to play Go?

I've been interested in learning the game, i play chess regularly but go is a completely different game. I've learned the basic rules of the games but once we finish placing the first 10 or so stones, when i'm attacked i try to play out of it but always end up cornered, whenever i try to attack i always end up at a dead end. Does anyone know where i can find some materials for a beginner to learn Go, also is there a program which will let me play the cpu with varying lvls of difficulties/handicaps. The few games i'm talking about i played online straight after learning the rules, i think i was far too eager to play and not ready for any games yet.

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    It's commonly said that "you should lose your first 100 games as quickly as possible." Basically, the easiest way to get used to the basic concepts is to play a lot of games. To make this easier you should probably be doing it on a smaller board, preferably 9x9. If you don't feel like going up against other players right away, you can try practicing on igowin, a free, 9x9 version of a more expansive piece of software. You can get igowin at

    You may also find other useful resources at the beginner's section on Sensei's Library (a go wiki).

    The community on KGS (Kiseido Go Server) can be helpful to beginners as well. The KGS Teaching Ladder and Beginners' Room usually have a fair number of people on at any point who are more than happy to help out weaker players. You can get to kgs from

    Good luck!

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    Probably the best way to learn the basics of the game is with a good book. imo, web sites are really not a substitute for a good book.

    If you google "books about the game go", you can see what books are out there. Or go to a good book store (Barnes and Noble will have a decent selection of Go books) and browse through their books on the subject and see what appeals to you.

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