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Fantasy big trade with pujols involved?

I give up morneau broxton konerko i get pujols vasquez or jurrjens plus he drops ja happ


the deal is now pujols vasquez jurjens and i give up konerko moreneau broxton

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    No. Do not do this trade. Pujols is a fantasy god, but Morneau is the poor man's Pujols and Konerko is going to end up with 30 & 100. You can't give up 2 current top 5 1b for 1 top 5 1b. Moneau and Konerko will end up better combined than Pujols simple as that. The pitchers he is giving you are basically throw ins...

    Vasquez has yet to have a good outing all year (he is proving more everyday that he can only pitch in the NL) and Jurjens has struggled most of the year as well. This is one of the few trades involving Pujols where the person giving him up actually wins. This deal will end up burning you if you do it.

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    you tell him that just because he has pujols, doesn't mean he is some sort of god. Is this even legal!! Vasquez can't find the strike zone and gave up some many homers yesterday. And Mr. Jurjenns with his 20+ E.R.A will ruin your pitching, just like they did to me. Konerko is red hot. Moreneau is good too. And Broxton is also a great pitcher..Tell him that he needs to give you more consistent and better pitchers for your great side of your trade.

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    Yes that trade!

    Morneau has some injury issues right now.....and Pujols is the best player in the game.

    As long as you have a couple other closers for should do this trade!

    Source(s): 15 yr of fantasy baseball
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    If have been you i might decline. Any commerce concerning David Ortiz is a probability that i does not take. he's no longer the enormous Papi anymore. stick such as your modern roster except he needs to offer up Puljos, Jeter or Holliday.

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  • 10 years ago

    No....Jurrjens and Happ are on the DL........

  • 10 years ago

    Do not accept this trade...

  • 10 years ago

    try to get more from him

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