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physics help - calculating energy transfer?

It is fairly easy to produce a static magnetic field of 0.050T in the lab. If an EM wave could be produced with a maximum magnetic field, B0 = 0.050T

a) what would be the rate of energy transfer (in W/m2)?

b) what would the corresponding maximum electric field be?

NOTE: air 'breaks down' at E = 3x10^6V/m; that is, sparks will jump across such an electric field

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    We have the electric field E = B*c = 0.050*3.0x10^8m/s = 1.5x10^7V/m

    Since this exceeds the Dielectric strength of air

    then the maximum E field would be 3.0x10^6V/m

    and the rate of energy transfer would be EB/muo = 3.0x10^6*0.050/4pi x10^-7 = 1.2x10^11W/m^2

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