How to hang collector plates?

I'm trying to attach hummingbird collector plates on a branch and hang them on the wall.

How does this look? Or should I skip the branch/nest and just hang them on the wall?

It's actually a three plate set, tried all three on a larger branch but it too looked too big and gaudy.


Yes, you were right Karl, I added another branch and looks great.

Thank you!

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    I think it looks good, maybe add another small branch.

  • 1 decade ago

    Place the wire plate hangers on the plates (these are four prong wire hangers with adjustable backs to snugly fit on your plate and can be purchased in a craft store).

    Now, with masking tape, temporarily tape the branch to the wall where you intend to hang the plates.

    Take a plate that is already in the metal hanger and hold it up to the branch where you want to hang the plate and mark the wall with a pencil where the nail will go.

    Now, do this with the other plate.

    Hang both plates with the branch still on the wall.

    Now, lift one plate at a time and use masking tape behind the plate area to secure the branch to the wall.

    When the plate is in place, it will conceal the tape holding the branch to the wall.

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    Cute idea, but the branch doesn't look anywhere near heavy enough to support those plates. Attach the plates to the wall with hangers over the branch.

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    1 decade ago

    If I were you I would just forget the branch. If looks cheap, like you wanted to but could not. If you go the your local hobby shop they will have special plate hangers that clamp to your plates. Do not, do not us the kind that stick on the back. Once they dry out they seem to drop you plate. Place your plates in a tasteful manner.

    Source(s): We hung our about three years ago and found this was the best answer.
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  • 4 years ago

    You also need to make copies of them for insurance purposes. In case something does happen to your home, God forbid, you can be reimbursed for them by your insurance. I keep the original certificates and receipts in a metal fire proof cabinet. Or, if you don't like that idea, you can tape the certificates on the back of the plates. Insert them into a plastic bag first.

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