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What AFC east team will represesnt the AFC East in the playoffs?

In a triple threat between:

NY Jets OR New England Patriots OR Miami Dolphins?

Buffalo ain't going nowhere

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    I will have to go with the Patriots, even though the Jets impressed last year. When you look at the Patriots they one of the most complete teams in the league. They represent the term "balance". Despite how many feel about the Patriots year in and year out, there is no denying that they have offensive and defensive talent. The Jets I think will repeat last year's success, but they need to be more balanced on offense. The Patriots have a well balanced offense because they have receivers who can produce, and they have RB's who can take up the slack on the ground. The Patriots defense is slightly underrated because they don't give up as many big plays as other teams do. I don't think the Patriots will be the same as they were a couple of years ago, but I think they will win the East with an 11-5 record. If anything they are the most consistent team year after year and appear in the playoffs almost as much as the Colts. The point is, the Patriots will be back in the driver's seat, but only if they can remain consistent.

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    I see the 10-6 Dolphins claiming a Wild Card with both the Jets and Patriots finishing 12-4.

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    Its going to be interesting. Patriots, Jets, and Dolphins all have a real shot at it. I cant really make a pick right now but I will say that I bet the Patriots are loving the fact that the Jets are getting all the publicity. Probably a lower level of stress on their team not being talked about in the media as much as in the past.

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    I think the Jets have had a great off-season & improved a already very good team. This is a tight division but the Jets should be able to win it. They will play the Ravens in the AFC Championship game but neither the Jets or Ravens will be able to beat the Arizona Cardinals in the Super Bowl.

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    I hope it is the Dolphins but it will be a tough year in the AFC East. The Patriots and Jets both have great teams and will be great competition.

  • the jets look good on paper but lets see if they can live up to the hype...dont underestimate the dolphins this year especially now that they have a WR threat in brandon marshall..the patriots are always tough but how long will wes welkers injury keep him out and will he be the same??...i think the dolphins pull it off as an upset

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    Jets got the best team, and a 50/50 for a wild card to the Patriots

  • Anonymous
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    The Jets are going 19-0.

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    3 years ago

    New England New York Jets Buffalo Bills perhaps a surpise crew this yr the could pull a couple of upsets however i dont see them profitable greater than 7 video games or probably eight. Dolphins offense wont rating any facets and there Defense is getting older.

  • 10 years ago

    Jets they might also win the Super Bowl. Im sayin that and im not even a Jets fan.

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