faucet repair: water from base of tap handle?

There a tiny bit of water than is coming from the base of the hot water tap/handle. I just can't remember if that needs a washer replacement or stem replacement. Thanks!


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  • 10 years ago
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    not really a new stem needed but a stem packing or seal. If the stem is really rough so that it would chew up a new packing, then it would justify a new stem.

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  • nosdda
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    10 years ago

    Remove the top of the tap and the shroud, and you will see a brass nut at the base of the spindle. Slightly tighten this nut and se if the little leak stops. Do not tighten the nut all the way down or you won't be able to turn the tap on or off. If the leak is still there, then get some PTFE tape, and cut about six inches off, and twirl it so it is like a piece of string. Undo the nut, and move it upwards so you can pack the tape into the recess where the nut goes. wind it into the space, then push the nut back into place, and refit the nut and apply slight pressure as you do. Again, do not overtighten the nut. Then replace the shroud and tap handle. The tap handle is usually held on by a screw under the cap, or with a grub screw on the side of the tap handle.

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  • 10 years ago

    Its the stem. Check the nut that holds the stem in place .turn it to the right. some times they get loose . If that not it ,new stem.

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