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What triggered the Oil Leak in the Gulf of Mexico?

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    Somehow the weight of the fluid in either the drillstring or the casing became unweighted and the formation pressure was transmitted to the drilling rig (a blowout).

    A Blowout preventor mounted on the sea floor is supposed to activate by squeezing off the wellhead, cutting the drillstring if necessary. For some reason, the blowout preventor failed to activate.

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    it was an oil mine that had exploded or leaked in the gulf of mexico that caused it to spread around, some animals were saved some weren't.

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    I Believe it was caused by an explosion that happend on an oil platform while they were adjusting a pump they had placed in the oil deposit, the pump had not been re-enforced with concrete or anything so it snapped on the impact of the explosion.

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    By both design and accident.

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