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What in the tallest Volcano in Ecuador ?

Just want ed to know 10 points for the first person to answer.


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    Mt, or Volcan. Chimborazo it is actually the farthest point from the center of the earth , despite popular belief that mt. Everest is the highest, because Everest is measured from sea level, well because of the equatorial bulge the beaches in Ecuador are actually close to the same level as the summit of Mt everest. In fact you have sparked one of the biggest debates which involves the The highest point in the world. here is a quote from some of the web site information and challenge your teacher see if they really know.

    here is the Quote: "The point FARTHEST FROM THE center OF THE EARTH is the summit of Chimborazo volcano in the Andes of Ecuador. Its elevation is only 6,310 m (20,703 ft) but because of its location near the equator it gets a boost from the equatorial bulge caused by the spin of the earth. This bulge makes the earth's radius about 21,000 m (68,900 ft) greater at the equator than at the poles. In fact, the beaches of Ecuador are farther from the center of the earth than is the summit of Mt. Everest." interesting facts Hug.....Any way hope that helped you.....Ren

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    Mt Chimborazo loctated close RioBamba Over 6300 Meteres

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