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Ten lines, alternating 6-12 beats, AA, BB, etc. rhyme scheme....?

We plunge our shovels in

slick mud and clumps of dead brown grass stick to the skin

on our arms, a quick night

storm fractures the first hours of morning's starlight

a hidden owl takes wing

professing his reign as territorial king.

We feel the constant strain

of remorse but his face is covered now, yet pained

by the untold secrets

that he thought they would eventually forget.



I was expirimenting with form and uneven stops while keeping the same beats per line. I chose AA, BB to make it an easy dry run.

As for title, this is called "After the War" and would have been more specific, but I was just throwing it out there as a new form, style.

I would prefer two 10 line stanzas and would have become more specific in the 2nd stanza.

It is about grave robbers in the post Civil War days.

The Owl would be the key character. I may finish it.

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    Congrats an exemplary poem based on syllable count and rhyme pattern. Surely an A+ Oh, now I suppose you want me to comment about the 'guts'? You mean structure is not more important? lol

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    I've never seen a poem written like this....your invention, I take it? Are you going to name it?

    For those of your readers (well, me actually) who are not very quick on the uptake, could you provide a teensy clue about meaning in a title?

    I like puzzles, I do...I spent years doing crosswords, my favourite being the cryptic kind..but at least then I knew that if I puzzled long enough the answer would be puzzling over this has led me nowhere.

    My only thought is that this is connected with the trenches in the First World War. Or else a pair of grave diggers on the night shift.

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    I like the poem Buk.May I borrow your pen a while? I was struck by the owl who seemed to have witnessed such events. The owl is a most admired animal.I think because it is seen as being wise.I would like to read more . Thanks for the Saturday morning brightener. It is a great way to enjoy my coffee and your poetry.

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    the name is called rhyme scheme there is no specific name and you should just right it down as AA BB CC DD ect. hope i helped

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    I'm imagining the Huns fighting... Aristotle... "You can dig the past up, I don't mind the muds"

    War Call (a hidden wing?)/And Alexander wept (quickness king?)

    4shizzle! untold secrets, the pretty people don't want to read ' just anything '

    One of many, ya know. *Don't do it again... Forget originality?*

    schemes' and whatever. nice anyways.

    Source(s): schemes and squirms and weasels his way to, "your welcome," just like his predecessors
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    Hi, Buk! Being basically illiterate, I don't bother paying attention to the aa,bb's of it all. That being said, I think this is a great write. Without the explanation, all kinds of things come to mind. I think the mystery of it makes it more interesting and gives it more "meat" for the mind.

    Wonderful writing. Thanks for sharing.

    Source(s): your friend, shirley
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    Down here where i live the owl is slick with oil

    Wondering what happened to his home that has been soiled.

    Fish are dying from that damn slick

    Makes the owl so so sick.

    What can we do said the oil so wise

    Now he is flapping his wings in utter surprise.

    God i cant die what did they do

    My life cant be over now because THey want me to.

    Take me away to a far away place ......................................!

    Let me fill the ocean with out oil in my face.

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    yes ten/6-12/AA/BB..

    is good to hear and runs with toned calves

    straight up. Nice for morning walks and jogs and stuff

    how could we forget them

    as bones lay below

    clattering secrets now told

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    who? who? who?

    I like the wise old owl in this,

    he is hidden but knows their secrets.

    Does he take flight to escape?

    Or is he but the dark night's spy?

    PS Lines, beats, rhyme scheme.....ummmm, right.

    Ya got all that and stuff and such. Bravo

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