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What is that one thing that you find extremely attractive on a guy/girl?

like that one thing that a girl/guy can have (appeadance-wise) that you find incredibly sexy!

or me it's blue-green/blue-grey eyes. I don't know why, but they make me melt. Like Leonardo DiCaprio or HaydenChristensen's eyes. (<3<3<3<3) Soooooo hot........anywayz, what is it for you.

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    appearance-wise: tall and an athletic body <3

    but what i love most and really look for is a great personality <3 <3

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    Looks can grow on a person. I would much rather be in a relationship with a guy who has an amazing personality and average looks. Because his personality will make him sexier. If I was to date a guy who was hotter than the sun, but his personality was crap, his personality would make him look ugly. Looks are definitely not everything.

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    a gentleman! oh my gosh! there is this guy at my school that i used to like that ALWAYS opens doors for girls!!!!!!! i dont like him anymore but i still get all jittery when he opens the door for me! also, i like outgoing guys, athletic guys, funny guys, guys that can and will slow dance, guys that smell good, guys that wear ties and/or suits... i usually go for clear, blue eyes OMGOSH!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Allie
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    omg green eyes <333

    also smell... idk if that counts as appearance but ya, guys that smell good are soooo sexy :)

    the perfect guy for me would have brown/black hair, blue or green eyes, medium tan, and at least 5'10. six pack abs. and he would smell AMAZING :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    i would have to agree,

    i love leo dicaprio's eyes.....

    if i saw a guy with those eyes i would die

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    blue eyes, and a good body :)

    PERSONALITY ! :) lol

    answer mine?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    not sure what appeadance is.

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